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Horrorfield: World at War is the mod for you if you are looking for a realistic shooting game with a lot of action. In fact, it is one of the most realistic gun shooters that you can find on the market today. The mod also comes with the upgrade “HoF_NSF_FX”, which adds a lot of graphical features to the game. Read on to know more about the mod.

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Horrorfield: World at War is the mod for those who enjoy shooting their enemies from the air, using guns, and other aerial combat strategies. You can practice your killer skills against a wide variety of enemy types, including jets, helicopters, and even zeppelins.

You can shoot down the enemies using guns, blow up buildings, and throw explosives to flatten the ground for enemy soldiers to run into. You can also upgrade your skills for faster kills, more health, and unlimited ammo in this online multiplayer game.

Horrorfield mod

There is actually an option in the downloads to get the latest version of the Horrorfield mod, which means you will be able to take on all levels of combat with a stronger version of the mod installed on your computer. You can fight against waves of enemy soldiers who appear on the screen and then disappear once more.

You can also upgrade your weapons and armor and purchase upgrades for your vehicles such as tanks and limousines. If you love playing defense games, you will love the ability to defend your base against waves of attack.

Online team

This online team-based action game is very intense, and players of all ages can get a real kick from playing it. It’s not just exciting from the looks of the game either. The mod itself has many different weapon types that you can choose from, and each one gives you a sense of power as you fend off waves of maniacs who want to attack you.

Weapons include a large laser, a mini-gun, hand grenades, a machine gun, and an assault rifle. Each weapon has its own special characteristic that makes it uniquely suited to the needs of the player.

Horror action

The Android version of the horror action game gives players even more capabilities. Players have access to a powerful air carrier called the Hellraiser, as well as over eight different enemy types, including robotic soldiers, dragons, zombies, and even maggots.

The Android version of the horror games allows players to customize their character and uses the same color scheme that the iPhone uses. Android users are able to enjoy the high-definition graphics offered by the game on a large, crisp, and clear screen.


For fans of horror games that can be downloaded for free, Fairfield is an exceptional mod. It takes the formula of the iPhone mod pack and improves it significantly. The ability to communicate through text with other players directly is a major feature of the mod, allowing you to play with friends who may be a far distance away.

The ability to build your own team by recruiting friends to join your online team-based battle is another great feature of this mod, that will allow you to play against the top players in the world.


Another great feature of the mod game that players love is the all-new ‘campaign’ mode. During your game, you are allowed to select a specific type of scenario and go into battle head-to-head with a number of computer-simulated enemies. The campaign mode gives you a chance to hone your skills and try out different techniques, strategies, and tactics that you may not have been able to do in the single-player mode.

Professional gamers

This allows you to gain some insight into how professional gamers think and plan, as well as provides you with some intriguing examples of just how good a game needs to be polished and made more exciting and realistic for a mobile platform. The mod also features an extensive storyline and gives players a chance to learn more about the ‘creations’ of the alternate world. If you liked the single-player version, you will probably also like the campaign one.


If you like a fresh twist on the zombie-slaying, shoot-em-up, horror-themed games then this one is definitely for you. If you thought the first version of Horrorfield was good then you will love the latest version. The graphics are better, the gameplay is better, and you are now able to communicate with other players right from your PDA or smartphone.

So if you want to play a fast, exciting, and scary mod game that you can share with your friends then Horrorfield is for you. And if you want to experience a fresh new take on the zombie-vampire-themed games then this one has everything you need.

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