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Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a hidden object game with quite a few similarities to other hidden object games. However, the visuals are different, and really bring the game to life.
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Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a hidden object game with quite a few similarities to other hidden object games. However, the visuals are different, and really bring the game to life. A group of glowing jelly blobs huddles together in the dark, scared and armed. creeps approach from out of the darkness, weapons drawn.

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Hopeless The Dark Cave

Soon enough, creatures begin to attack. Your only defense is to shoot the incoming enemies as they crawl toward you. However, are they foes or friends? You must quickly decide, as your health bar depletes fast. Also, each enemy has a varied behavior, ranging from being extremely friendly to being downright dangerous.

Collecting More Items

Unlike other action games where you advance to the next level by finding or collecting more items, Hopeless: The Dark Cave is more open in its level design. It introduces new challenges through its puzzles. Once you’ve solved a puzzle, you move on to the next one, which usually requires picking up items off the ground. You also have a limited number of lives to manage between each puzzle.

The Monsters

As mentioned above, the monsters in Hopeless: The Dark Cave are a twisted variation of the usual enemies found in action games. They don’t have a distinguishing shape or color but instead have a unique, creepy appearance that makes them stand out.

Some of these creatures can even turn into bigger, stronger versions of their previous forms. And while most of these mini monsters can be killed easily with a single shot, some of them (such as the spider) can only be found after you’ve dealt with several waves of small yet strong enemies.

Challenging Puzzles

If you’re fond of challenging puzzles that require fast reflexes, then this game is definitely for you. The reason why is because most of the mini monsters here shoot in an unusual pattern that makes it very difficult to predict where they’ll hit.

The bottom line is that you need to be quick and agile to succeed. But if you lack the required reflexes, the challenge is always there. This is because you only have a few seconds to aim and fire your weapon before the monsters take off running for cover.

Aiming Your Weapon

Aiming your weapon using the left trigger and pressing the right one while moving will cause your weapon to curve upwards and spread its momentum. This allows you to shoot monsters that are far away, although using the trigger repeatedly would cause your aim to vary.

This is the same way you use the left and right arrows to target your chosen monster with precision. You do, however, have to remain within a certain range of your teammates to continue aiming at them.

Extremely Large

The maps in Hopeless: The Dark Cave are extremely large and offer plenty of room for you to aim accurately. Plus, there are plenty of them so that you don’t get stuck on a single one for long periods of time. The maps also include a variety of obstacles such as jumping blocks, water hazards, lava tubes, and others that will prevent you from getting to the goal area. Plus, there are also some puzzle elements in the game that challenge your reflexes.

The Globe

Fortunately, this game can be played online which makes it accessible to people from any part of the globe. For those who find it too hard to play Hopeless: The Dark Cave due to the fast pace and the need for quick reflexes, this game might not be for you. However, those who want to spend their leisurely time online can certainly opt to play this intriguing game.

Different Weapons

In Hopeless: The Dark Cave you have to choose between three different weapons – a machine gun, a shotgun, and a handheld laser. Your objective is basically to shoot down as many hopeless blobs as you possibly can. Each level has a different set of random enemies so you never know when you might come across something unique.

The bottom left of your screen is your health meter which keeps a track of how much damage you are doing to each enemy, as well as the number of lives you have remaining.

The Dark Cave mod

To download the Hopeless: The Dark Cave mod, you simply have to enter the “levels” section of the game. There you can see a list of the levels you have completed, and the level you are on currently. To unlock new levels, you must shoot more monsters than the ones you currently have.

The difficulty increases as you advance through the game, and the more you try, the more powerful you become. There are also four bonus levels available if you purchase the Humble Store version, allowing you to get a better score, and see a cut-out mini monster.


You will find the story in the very beginning as you start out in the valley where you were raised. The entire gameplay is set up to let you wonder what the future holds for you, after surviving one horrible event that left you with no memory.

It’s up to you to use your reflexes to continue along and fight more monsters as you progress through the cave. You can switch between various vantage points using the keyboard and the mouse, and use special weapons and objects to take down your foes. If you are having trouble with any particular weapon or object, simply switch to another item to solve the problem.

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