Hit Master 3D Apk (Mod Features unlimited money)

Want to be a rogue defending the helpless? Become a rogue bounty hunter and exact revenge on those who dare harm innocent civilians. In Hit Master 3D: Deadly Reflex, you do just that and much more! The mod will transform your PC into a fully-fledged agent, as you take up bounty hunting and bring those bad guys to justice with just one click of the mouse.

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Hit Master 3D

As the bounty hunter hits the streets to make those cash to pay for those people’s wrongdoings, a new enemy rises in the form of a cyborg assassin. This enemy’s only goal is to find a way to replicate the success of the previous hit master 3D mod and do it faster and stronger than the hero. Armed with new technology, this character will try everything to get his hands on your money.

It will not be easy, though. Remember that there are some very skilled hackers in the world, and if you want to survive the action game you have to keep guard against all attacks, from the inside out!

Steal The Stash

In Hit Master 3D, the action is fast-paced and full of thrill and excitement. The mod starts with an assassin who tries to steal the stash of an armor research center. He doesn’t succeed, and instead of getting the armor, he gets his hand stuck in the vents. This allows him to activate a security system that locks all of the doors and windows in the center of the facility. The security forces quickly respond and apprehend the criminals.

Right Weapons

If you want to survive the entire game, you better equip yourself with the right weapons and armors. You can choose between different types of weapons to fight off the guards. Each weapon has its own specifications so you should learn more about it before playing the hit master 3d graphics action game.

Manually Operated Saws

There are automatic and manually operated saws, knives, guns, and spears you can use. Try using the gun and spear units so you can make the combat more chaotic and challenging. The game also comes with machine guns and hand grenades, which you can also attach to your body to give you extra abilities during the gameplay.

Machine Guns

Using the machine guns and hand grenades is quite risky, so you better equip yourself with weapons like the baseball bat or boxcutter. Try to hide behind objects so the enemies will have a hard time hitting you. Remember to stay as far as possible from the security forces as they will come under constant fire from all sides. You should go for the health packs every now and then to replenish your health points.

Apocalyptic World

The story of hit master 3D is set in a post-apocalyptic world. You play the role of a skilled knife assassin who was left by his own family to survive. As he wanders around, various enemies try to kill him. These enemies include robots and soldiers sent from nearby bases. However, what stands between the assassin and his goal is the security force that surrounds the area.

Local Town

The third part of the game has you defending yourself in order to protect the local town. The story starts with you being stationed at a military base and you soon realize that the place is under attack. You then start to take part in the war against the robots and troops.

The fighting in the game is quite tough, even though you have a number of gadgets available to you to help you fight off the enemies. The hero in this game is equipped with a number of weapons like the machine gun and knife assassin.


You can see how much effort went into the game as many details like the weaponry and gadgets are well depicted. For example, you will see that the hero is armed with dual knives, enabling him to fight even bigger and stronger enemies. The hit master 3D figures have some of the best special effects you could ever wish for.

You will find that the graphics of the game look stunning, especially when you are fighting more than a few robotic soldiers or some other military men.


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