Hills of Steel 2 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money Gems)

Hills of Steel ModApk ( Unlimited Money Gems) is here! Enjoy unlimited free gems with this mod apk. This app is 100% Free & safe! Here you easily play this amazing game without any virus, spyware, or adware.

Hills of Steel 2 is a full-featured mod for your Android phone. You can enjoy many interactive modes in this game. You can also try your hand at different game modes to sharpen your tactical skills and instincts. Here you will also find various rare weapons and armors that can be collected as you progress through the game.

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Hills of Steel 2

Hills of Steel is a tank game for your mobile with excellent graphics. The whole game is quite optimized for the touch screen interface. You can simply tap on the screen of your phone to fire your tank like in real life! It looks quite real too and Hills of Steel looks just like a real tank from your mobile phone.

Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel is all about teamwork, because unlike real tanks, your fellow players can help you defeat the enemies. Your team will consist of 4 tanks only, where each one of them has a very special ability that can help your team win the battle. The player will earn credits by winning battles. These credits can be used to buy new tanks for your team.

Different Classes

There are four different classes in Hills of Steel. Each class has its own special abilities that can enable it to dominate other teams in a match. You can unlock more advanced tanks and armors by progressing through the game. The four classes are light tanks, medium tanks, deep tanks and attack boats. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses and you should balance your play between them to ensure victory.

Awesome Storyline

Hills of Steel has an awesome storyline which makes the game even more exciting and enjoyable. You will be fighting on rugged terrains against enemy soldiers using excellent weapons and armors. The fighting takes place on flatlands as well as hillsides. The terrain of the battlefields are such that you get to enjoy highly realistic gameplay and you never get tired playing the game.


The Hills of Steel series is developed by Crave Entertainment, a highly innovative and famous game developer from Europe. This game has received numerous awards including Editor’s Choice Awards for its outstanding graphics and sound effects.

For those who want to experience real war, this is one game you cannot afford to miss. This gameplay involves highly advanced technology that combines real battlefield tactics with amazing online RTS-style gameplay. The realistic visuals and the exciting gameplay have created huge fans all over the world.

Advanced Weaponry

In Hills of Steel 2, you take command of your tank and battle it out with highly advanced weaponry and armors. There are many new maps and environments in this latest tank battle game. The game is one of the most complete online strategy games that have ever been developed. It is a high-quality, multiplayer online tank battle game that is available free of cost.

Special Abilities

There are several new special abilities and tactics in Hills of Steel 2, which make things very interesting. You can now choose to either stay on the offensive or protect yourself with your anti-air and anti-tank weapons. This second version of Hill of Steel has a variety of different terrains and settings to battle in and all of these can be modified according to your own needs.

Build Your Own Tank

If you want to be in charge of your destiny in Hills of Steel 2, you have to build your own tank and assemble your crew, select your weapons and finally drive it into action. This is what you will do during your mission to protect the earth from the evil clutches of the Hunks.

When you buy Hills of Steel 2, there are a few things you should check whether it works on your mobile phone or not. You can use the built-in mobile data connection facility on your PC or laptop to make sure that it works fine on your handset or mobile phone.

Best mod

You can also look for some of the best mod options available for Hills of Steel 2 in the Android Market. There are several modding communities over the web which allow people to join and create their own custom content for the Android game. These fans of modding are the ones who know the best ways to add special abilities to their tanks and other military units in Hills of Steel.

Modding Community

The modding community has created several different strategies and guides for creating tanks and other military units for the game, and most of them are free to download. These guides will teach you about the various strategies that can help you in playing Hills of Steel 2 on mobile devices while using modding tools.


If you are looking for a new strategy and want to try it out in Hills of Steel 2 mod, you can download the mod apk file from the Android market. The mod apk file is the most updated version available for Hills of Steel 2 on Android devices.

It provides you with a complete list of all the tanks available for use in the game as well as detailed information about each of their abilities. You can use this information in the game to try different strategies and see which one works the best.


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