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Hidden Hotel is a mystery adventure PC game from Big Fish Games, the makers of Hotel village and SimCity. The Hidden Hotel is a top-down shooter that plays like a hybrid of the classic hidden object game and the Sim City series.

You play as a hotel receptionist in the lovely city of Miami. Your task is to go about every day performing various tasks and solving crimes. Your progress is tracked on a points and level system, and also your popularity with guests!

The Hidden Hotel Features

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The Hidden Hotel features a number of different challenges and locations to explore. Some of the hidden object scenes are quite challenging. These tend to be large cities with many buildings and citizens walking around. However, on your journey through the city, you’ll encounter several challenges that vary from riddles to puzzles and even challenge to completing a specific set of tasks within a certain time period.

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Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery incorporates a variety of different mechanics to help advance the narrative. For instance one of the primary mechanics of the game introduces the mystery of how a murder happened in the hotel. You play as the hotel receptionist who finds some notes left by an employee of the hotel after his shift.

The notes detail a murder that occurred in the hotel’s elevator and the description of the killer makes you feel like you are actually there, searching for clues. When you find the body in the elevator you are immediately asked to investigate the scene and find out what happened.

Find Hidden Objects

This is only the first task you are given. Following the discovery of the body you are taken to another part of the building and asked to search for clues. Again the mechanic of the Hidden Hotel Mystery is to find hidden objects and interact with objects to uncover secrets and complete errands.

Each room in the hotel has a checklist of objects you must find in order to progress to the next level. For example the kitchen has a set of items you must find before moving on to the next level. There are multiple rooms in each level of the hotel so there is always something to explore.

60 Frames Per Second

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery is currently available on the Nintendo Wii U console. The game utilizes the Wii U console’s new technology which allows it to take full advantage of the console’s capabilities. The developers at Crave Entertainment have made it possible to launch games that run at 60 frames per second and use the innovative Wii U controller.

The game runs at a smooth frame rate and the motion sensitive controllers make it easy to interact with the game’s characters. The Wii U utilizes the innovative “Wii remote” technology to allow for gesture based controls and intuitive interaction. A demo of the game was released for audiences in Japan, but a North American release has yet to be announced.

Hotel’s Location

If you are trying to find Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery on Wii U, you’ll first need to visit the Miami area in order to get access to the hotel’s location. There is a hidden room in the restaurant bar that you can enter to do a mini-investigation. In the restaurant bar, you will encounter several characters including an escaped convict, a thief, and a mischievous monkey.

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery Apk download

You can interact with these characters to learn more about what is really going on in the hotel. One of the characters asks you if you would like some lemonade; another offers tea. Each of the characters drinks some of the offered drinks and then disappears.

Restaurant Bar

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery is available inside and around the cobwebs in the restaurant bar. To uncover more about what is really going on, you can use the endoscope peripheral to search for hidden objects throughout the entire bar. Once you find anoscope, you can touch it using the Wii remote to interact with it. The more times you interact with the endoscope, the more information it reveals about the hotel.


Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery is a fun game that allows you to do a number of challenging tasks throughout the course of the game. A great way to kill time during a long wait at a hotel, Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery is easy to play and easy to complete.

If you find yourself running out of time during your hectic hotel job, this game provides a great way to kill time as well as complete a number of fun challenges. For people who have trouble with planning their daily assignments, this fun game offers a challenging schedule of hidden items and challenges that will help you keep moving forward in your career.

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