Hexa Puzzle Guru Apk (Mod Features Free Premium)

Hexa Puzzle Guru is an addictive Puzzle game that gives you hours of fun and relaxation. Hexa is not a brain game that will have you stuck on one section of the screen for hours, instead, you will be solving the game’s puzzles in new areas every few minutes.

Hexa Puzzle Guru

With lots of different levels available, you will enjoy the challenge of actually testing out your puzzle-playing skills, while earning lots of coins! In addition to the game’s many levels, there are also many features that make this game unique.

Hints and tips, alternate color palettes, game history, and even custom music are only some of the many features of Hexa Puzzle Guru that make this a fun, addictive, and recommended app.

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Hexa Puzzle Guru Features

Hexa Puzzle Guru Features: Relaxing Puzzle Game Hexa Puzzle Guru features a very calming and soothing puzzle game background with soothing music and sounds to get you into the right frame of mind. This is perfect for people who suffer from migraine headaches and other headaches. There are many levels to the game ranging from easy to advanced and provide a challenge for those who are well versed in gaming.

40 Challenging Levels

With over 40 challenging levels in total, you are sure to find a level that will challenge even the most skilled of gamers! These addictive games will keep you hooked from start to finish, as you work your way through all the levels and solve the puzzle.

Hexa Puzzle Guru apk

Hexa Puzzle Guru apk is one of the more advanced features of the Hexa puzzle game. Here you will be able to customize your settings so that when someone wants puzzle videos they will be sent to your desktop. You can then access these customized settings anytime you want, and then use them the way you want to.

Very Flexible

For example, you might want people to take pleasure in your latest artwork, or maybe you want them to pay a visit to a specific website. Whatever the case may be, with this mod you will be able to do whatever you want. It is very flexible.

Manage Your Earnings

Hexa Puzzle Guru apk enables you to manage your earnings and expenses so that you don’t have to manually take pleasure in your income. When you are playing Hexa you spend money on both sides of the game and that is what enables you to earn more than enough to pay back your debts and make your monthly Hexa income.

This ensures that while incomes tons and Hexa income tons are being accumulated, none of it goes to waste. This makes it very relaxing and stress-free.

Puzzle Guru

Some people have been complaining about how Hexa does not allow them to take pleasure in their income because it has too much taxation. Hexa Puzzle Guru ensures that you pay your taxes and make it enjoyable at the same time while giving you loads of benefits along the way.

Relaxing Puzzle Games

You can be sure to enjoy a big shock when you realize that you have been getting used to a bit of stress every time you wanted puzzle games. This stress is what keeps people chained to their computers day after day. Henna Pie is one of the best and most relaxing puzzle games which will help you relax in no time.

Various Reasons

There are various reasons why people prefer this great program above all others. One of them is the fact that this Hexa puzzle guru mod is absolutely free from any kind of antivirus or spyware.

This means that you can simply install the mod and forget about it. You will not be forced to use it in order to protect your computer from harmful elements. As long as you keep it up to date with the most recent additions by the developers, it will ensure that your computer will remain 100% malware-free.

Spend Hunting

Another reason why people prefer Henna Pie above all other free programs is because of the fact that it will provide you with a lot of entertainment while you are still on the go. You do not have to stop everything you are doing in order to play a few puzzles.

Puzzle Video Games

You can simply pop this game onto your mobile device whenever you want puzzle video games to take pleasure in. This is also one of the features that most users will appreciate because it helps them save time that they would spend hunting down a game that is more interesting.


If you are looking for a very relaxing experience, then Henna Pie is definitely one of your best choices. You will find several levels available on this amazing app and they are totally free. Not only that but the app provides you with a huge list of challenges that you can try.

If you are someone who likes puzzle games and wants to feel like a puzzle master while you are out traveling, then Henna Pie is definitely one of the best choices you can make.


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