Heroes of Warland Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited money)

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Heroes of Warland is an exciting flash game on mobile. It is a combination of both real-life military battles and modern-day PVP battles! Enjoy the thrill of conflict through your browser. Heroes of Warland is free to download, so don’t wait any longer! Tap into the unlimited potential of your device now!

Heroes of  Warland

Heroes of Warland is an exciting flash game on mobile. You are Jackal, a space bounty hunter, who finds himself caught in a battle between opposing armies on a distant planet. Your goal is to shoot down as many enemy soldiers as possible. A mixture of real-life military engagements with new-age PVP action, Heroes of Warland is a fun and fast-paced flash game. Select your favorite hero from the hundreds available.

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Multiple characters

This flash game is free to play. Get ready for a good time. Control multiple characters at the same time with various weapons to take down waves of enemy soldiers. Upgrade your soldiers by earning medals, and choose your battlefield – either on land or in space – then annihilate everything that stands between you and your objective. Enjoy the sci-fi action through the use of top-notch graphics, sound effects, and true-to-life military details. Enjoy Heroes of Warland’s thrilling action and competitive play via both multiplayer and versus modes.

Earn medals

Earn medals for each battle you win and accumulate stars to get bonuses and special powers. The top player of each team earns the victory for their side. Earn enough medals and stars to unlock new heroes, and engage in real-time battles against other teams to gain dominance over the battlefield.

Heroes of Warland features

With a polished and well-designed user interface, Heroes of Warland features an easy-to-use interface with easy controls for all players. Enjoy the fast paced action using the provided matchmaking software, while the unique blend of flash game technology and realistic weapon sounds and graphics keep you engaged in the action. Heroes of Warland has received many awards including the “Best Online Strategy Game” and “Best Web-Flash Game” at E3 2021.

The Pilot

The hero class in Heroes of Warland consists of five unique classes: The Pilot, the Spy, the Soldier, the Scientist, and the Paladin. Each class possesses special skills and abilities, and are rewarded for their role in successful missions by collecting power ups which will transform them into powerful warriors. The game also features an upgrade system, in which your characters can be further developed by equipping them with armor, weapons, or magic.

The Scientist

There are also several optional missions that can be played after you have reached a certain point in the campaign, providing additional challenges and excitement. The player’s statistics are constantly monitored to ensure that they are enjoying the game and provide feedback on specific areas and elements, which the developers consider part of the game’s success.

Inventory system

The graphics and audio in Heroes of Warland are very well done, with superb attention to detail, and the level of detail is comparable with other top-selling flash games. Character skins are available to change the player’s character at any time during play, and there are multiple languages supported, with English being the default language. In addition, Heroes of Warland features a fully functioning inventory system, and in-game shopping, providing customers with a convenient way to purchase upgrades and weapons.


If you enjoyed Heroes of Warland, you’ll love Heroes of Warland Mod, which is free to download and provides similar opportunities to enhance your gameplay. The mod is constantly being updated, and provides exciting new opportunities and challenges.


The mod is a complete package, consisting of the Heroes of Warland mod itself, along with an assortment of different types of complementary content and enhancements for the game. So if you loved Heroes of Warland, you’ll love Heroes of Warland Mod, as well as being able to experience the best possible game play and graphics for free. Why not check it out?

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