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Heroes Arena is a team-based, free-for-all massively multiplayer online game. Heroes Arena is an extremely interesting concept and I have seen some positive reactions from the beta version, but it’s still early days.

Heroes Arena is not quite an exact science yet, though the game’s hero classes are shaping up to be an incredibly exciting and diverse pool of characters for future play. So what are Heroes Arena Modules? That’s right – Heroes Arena Modules are one of the many changes coming to Heroes of the Storm 2.0.

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New feature

Heroes Arena Mod Apk is an extremely exciting and new feature to Heroes of the Storm. Heroes Arena is an incredibly simple concept: two teams of up to 8 heroes enter a huge map filled with objectives and enemy bases. Once the teams are ready, they fight toe-to-toe until one team wins. The winning team gains unlimited money, items, and experience. Sounds simple, right?

Unlimited amount

Well, it is! In Heroes Arena Mod, you don’t have an unlimited amount of money, items, or experience. Your heroes won’t level up automatically like in the Heroes Game since each match is different. You’ll need to earn credits by winning, buying crates or upgrading your characters. These are the source of Heroes Arena Apk Download.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Arena Apk Download brings an exciting new concept to Heroes of the Storm. It shows off unique heroes from the newest movie, as well as current movies, and lets you battle it out against your friends or competitors.

You’ll earn points throughout the match that you can use to purchase special abilities for your character. These special abilities can help you win the match, so be sure to focus on using them as often as you can.

Heroes of the Storm universe

Heroes Arena Mod brings an exciting arena to the Heroes of the Storm universe. You’ll be able to find and battle not only available heroes but also bots and other units that will do battle on your side.

Plus, if you really want to spice things up, you can even make your own Heroes to go into battle. This feature has been available as an add-on for several months, but it still doesn’t get the kind of excitement Heroes fans crave.

Leader skills

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Heroes Arena so much fun. Some people say it’s the action – the speed, the graphics, and the quick hookups. Others love the new action and leader skills.

One major thing fans have noticed is the new action focuses on a “flip-style” playstyle, where you need to think fast to figure out how to best utilize your abilities to take down your opponents. It’s a great twist on the old action-based gameplay, and one that keeps Heroes Arena feeling fresh.

Flash games

The Heroes Arena Mod is free, which is nice because it means you can find out whether or not it’s going to be a good game before investing any money into it. If you haven’t played Heroes Arena before, it’s easy enough to get started playing without having to worry about paying for anything.


If you’ve played other flash games before, though, it’s important to note that this mod doesn’t add anything beyond the existing game modes and maps. It doesn’t have any leader skills, either, so if you’re more interested in figuring out how to get past those little obstacles your opponents might encounter, you’ll probably be a bit less successful with Heroes Arena.


Despite lacking some of the key features of the Heroes Arena Mod, it’s still a highly entertaining game to play thanks to its crisp, colorful graphics and sound effects. As a final note, Heroes Arena comes packaged with the Heroes map hack, which is an excellent idea and well executed.

I only wish that Heroes Arena had the same amount of originality and quality as the Heroes Arena Mod. However, that’s a rarity, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Heroes Arena Mod is still available for download free from the official Google Android marketplace if you don’t want to buy the Heroes Arena Mod version.

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