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Hero Rescue is such a name that will seem very familiar to you. Perhaps you have seen it somewhere but simply cannot put a finger on exactly what it is. You have probably seen those ads on the internet featuring a rescue game in which you have to save an individual or fish from some sort of distress, and then open the corresponding icons to pinpoint your location on the map.

This is called Hero Rescue, and in order to play it you simply have to follow a series of instructions that will be shown on your screen.

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Hero Rescue

The basis of the game is very simple – you are in search of a lost hero, and he awaits your rescue with a variety of obstacles and traps that you must avoid as you move along the path in search of the treasure. The game is quite enjoyable and is fairly easy to pick up, especially if you are a fan of games that require lots of skill and logic.

Concept Behind

The basic concept behind Hero Rescue is that you are to locate the treasure while avoiding all the traps and enemies that stand in your way. There are a variety of levels available, so you do not need to have a lot of gaming experience before you start playing, and the challenging puzzles should keep you engaged for quite a while.

Princess Peach

The game starts out with Princess Peach, who happens to be the playable character throughout most of the game as well as the main playable character in several of the sub-games. Her castle is being attacked by pirates and she needs your help to defend it. She has been taken to a mysterious castle by her fairy godmother who wishes to give her a magic potion that will grant her the youthfulness she desires.

Required Items

Once you have collected all the required items and placed them into the potion, Peach needs your help to get through the many rooms and obstacles that are set in the game. The further you progress in the game, the easier it becomes to defeat the enemy and collect the items that are needed to level up the princess.

Pirate Captain

The objective of the game is to save the princess from the clutches of the pirate captain who is detaining her in her own castle. You play the role of Mario, who is an orphan who lives in the castle that is under the command of the evil Captain Hook. Mario is required to rescue the princess in order to defend the castle and to rescue all the other heroes who have been taken hostage by the pirates.

Mario Encounters

Along the way, Mario encounters many different characters, all of which have their own special features and abilities that you can use to aid you in your quest to save the princess. While you are free to explore the different rooms of the castle with the help of the magic lamp that is found within, there are some items that must be collected and used to make your journey easier.

Collects Every Time

The items include the coin that Mario collects every time he lands on the square where a heart matching the color of the princess is hidden. Using these coins enables you to purchase the necessary tools to take back the princess from the clutches of the pirates.

These tools allow Mario to move through the many passageways of the castle and to scale the many rooftops. You will find that the more hearts you collect while playing Hero Rescue, the easier it becomes to successfully complete the game and save the princess.

IQ Score

To determine your IQ score, you will need to answer an array of questions designed to test your logic and reasoning skills. When you play Hero Rescue, you will be asked questions such as, “What is that treasure?” and “Where is the gold statue?”

Saving The Princess

The purpose of this portion of the game is to teach children the importance of saving the princess. In many games, including Hero Rescue, the goal is always to save the princess. Although the primary goal is to save the princess, the secondary objectives are to acquire extra lives by finding the needed artifacts that allow you to rescue the princess and defeat the enemy.

When answering the question “What is that treasure?” you will need to determine what item fits this description, in order to successfully complete the hero rescue mission.

Clutches of The Pirates

Throughout the course of the game, there are a number of other challenges that can be completed to increase your IQ score. For example, once you rescue the princess from the clutches of the pirates, Mario and his helper Luigi will need to find the pirate captain in order to continue the adventure.

Upon completion of one challenge, the two heroes return to the gold statue at the center of the screen and are free to enter any room they choose.


The only restriction is that Mario and Luigi may not use the same gold treasure while in the same room. This means that the hero and the princess must find new tricks to outsmart each other in order to find the treasure and continue the rescue mission.

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