Hello Neighbor Apk (Mod Features All unlocked)

Hello Neighbor is a very nice game where you help a friendly frog by the house. The name of the game is Hello Neighbor Apk. The excellent title will definitely give you an opportunity to experience pure fun. Feel the freshness of the feeling and the chance to heat up your blood with this fantastic game.

In this article, we try to know the story of the game and its exciting plot and finally how to make it even more beautiful. Hello Neighbor Mod Apk is one of the most famous and fascinating arcade games of all time. It is one of the most charming and unique titles ever. Its story revolves around a boy named Gabriel.

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Hello Neighbor Apk

Gabriel was looking forward to spending some time with his best friend. His parents were not happy with their decision and that’s why he wished to run away from home.

Gabriel had fallen in love with a girl called Stephanie. She was smart and attractive. She was good at things around the house like painting. One day, she came to him and asked him to help her out by buying her some items that she needed for her upcoming birthday. While helping her, he discovered several mysteries surrounding her life.

Reason Behind

Some things around the house did not appear right and that made him scared. He started to go around the house and discover the reason behind those strange events. After several adventures and funny situations, Gabriel finally found the reason for her strange behavior. This is where the story of Hello Neighbor Mod Apk begins.

After hearing about a new game on YouTube, Hello Neighbor was born. This game is based on scary stories where a boy has to find the culprit of a particular incident by playing it and clicking on items around the house which causes them to reveal information about the person that caused the event.

There are many things around the house that have different effects and are Hello Neighbor themed. The different pictures which are found in the ai pictures will also have a funny caption, making it more exciting for the player.

Other Features

Aside from the cute graphics and the cute story, Hello Neighbor Mod Apk has some other features as well. One of these is the “scary” or “scary text”. When you click on an item and it becomes highlighted, it will tell you what it contains.

For example, if you click an “apple” and it reveals a secret room, it will say: “You discovered a dead body inside of the apple. One dead adult and three young kids.” These rooms contain items that can be used to unlock more rooms and become a member of the school, which is your ultimate goal in this horror game.

Leap Seconds

The other feature is the game’s many ” Leap Seconds ” which are mini cut-scenes that occur when you are near an object that is being looked at by a character. Usually, these mini-scenes will tell you something about the object which is hiding and you will need to click on it to see what it is.

Some of these mini-scenes do not have any actual interaction with the objects, but only use them as triggers for a different type of sequence of events that can lead to something. Hello Neighbor Mod Apk has ten of these mini-scenes in their entirety. You can also see these on the in-game menu, helping you know what you need to do to progress the story.

Unlocking New Rooms

Hello Neighbor also has a number of achievements and secrets that can be acquired through various means. The most common of these is through unlocking new rooms which you’ll be able to explore. However, some of these achievements require the use of mod tools which, according to the Hello Neighbor Mod Apk review, can be a bit tedious and confusing.


Fortunately, Hello Neighbor Apk has provided an easy-to-follow guide on the in-game website to show you all of the necessary steps for unlocking everything. If you are having trouble unlocking anything, this review recommends that you consult the secrets section of the official site as this is where all of the secrets that the mod apk has been revealed.


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