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In Hellcopter, players take on the role of an undercover cop in their bid to bring order to the lawless city. Here in Hellcopter, Android users will get their opportunities to take on the part of a police officer in his final quests to take down the notorious criminals who have seized control of all the city’s major buildings.

Get ready to hit the road in your personal chopper and get your guns at the ready. HellcopterĀ  Mod Apk is one of those games that will give you an opportunity to live out your fantasy by going undercover in this dark future world.

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Play Hellcopter

If you think the only way to play Hellcopter is online, think again. The Hellcopter mod has been adapted to be compatible with a variety of Android devices. You can easily switch between the game and the real-life experience with the touch of your screen. Plus, there are exciting new features you won’t find in any other Android game.

You can enjoy the original Hellcopter Mod Apk graphics and enjoy the advanced Hellcopter effects and sound effects, such as the ability to freeze time to capture important moments or learn about the background music that will be included with the game.

The Hellcopter mod features a number of technologically advanced features that will leave the best Android users speechless. Take a good look at some of them. For example, you’ll discover that the in-game GPS will tell you the location of every enemy you encounter in the game.

killer Idea

If you’re a stealthy killer with a real aim for revenge, that’s a killer idea. But if you want to collect the bounties of every person you kill, you’ll need to use the powerful Hellcopter Tracking ability that is available to you as soon as you complete the tutorial section.

HellCopter Apk Free Download

This mod is all about shooting challenges. There are over ten different shooting challenges in the Hellcopter package that will test your skills. These challenges are based on different scenarios, so you can use them to practice your shooting skills and sharpen them.

Plus, there are many achievements to unlock, and you can earn unlimited money for each challenge. You can also purchase Hellcopters and other vehicles to play the game more smoothly. And because you can easily save your progress, you can continue playing from where you left off at any point in time.

Hellcopter Package

The Hellcopter Mod Apk package includes the Hellcopter Skins, which come with the single player mode and the multi-player versus mode. The Hellcopters skin has been designed by the award winning art team of the XIMO animation company.

In addition to the Hellcopter skins, the Hellcopter Pack includes Hellcopter decals, background music, credits roll videos and wallpapers. The Hellcopter package also includes the Hellcopter base game and all the required game pads for both online and offline play.

Hellcopter features a single player campaign that gives you a chance to shoot down waves of Hellicons and other robots who have been sent to Earth by the evil boss. In this campaign, you’ll be flying the Hellcat helicopter which is capable of targeting multiple targets.

Hellcone Missiles

The Hellcats can fire Hellcone missiles that are perfect for taking out enemy targets. The HellCats are armed with laser weapons that allow it to quickly target their enemies and take them out before they get a chance to attack you.

Hellcopter Mod Apk features the popular Call of Duty style gameplay with cinematic shots and special effects. There are several multiplayer modes in this game, which include Team Arena and Score Attack.

HellCopter Apk

There is also the ability to customize the Hellcat and change its features. Some of the features include changing the color of its wheels, its feet, and even its body to look like a real machine gun.


The features of HellCopter are excellent. The controls are smooth and easy to handle, and the graphics and sound are excellent. Hellcopter on the Android is a unique and interesting release that features top-notch arcade-style shooting and an addictive casual storyline. You can’t go wrong if you choose to download HellCopter Mod Apk for your android gaming needs.

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