Happy Glass Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

Happy Glass APK Download – Get unlimited gems and coins for free, with no ads, and no limits. Get this premium apk straight from the google play store now! The happy glass is sad because of its blank look.

The happy glass is basically a puzzle game. The objective of the game is to make the happy little guy fall into the hole by tapping the center of the screen. Once you have made him fall in, the little guy will automatically start to make funny noises.

To finish the level, the little guy should stand on the top of the hill with three stars in the center. When he gets all the way to the top, he should throw the happy little figurine down and move forward to continue the next level.

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Happy Glass

New challenge – unlock new levels by adding more numbers to your happy glass mod apk. Different levels have different challenges and rewards. There are also different achievements and rewards for every one of the 5 different levels you complete. It is a nice little puzzle game that keeps you coming back for more of those happy little figurines.

Draw Lines

Draw Lines – A simple little game that gives you unlimited fun. Simply click and drag the mouse to draw lines to make the happy little guy fall into the hole. The longer you hold down the keys the higher the happy glass will rise. You can also increase his height by drawing a line from one button to the next.

Happy Glass APK

Happy Glass APK – Free download happy glass mod apk gives you endless entertainment. You can entertain yourself with different games such as shooting, bowling, bubble blowing, diving, treasure hunting, and much more. All these activities are available all at the same time. You can choose to play one of these games at a time or you can even jump straight into another if you want to. Happy Glass gives you a lot of choices.

Biggest Features

One of the biggest features is its online community. You can easily interact with other users of Happy Glass. If you ever run into any trouble you can simply post it on the Happy Glass website for other users to solve. Some of the other features include voice recording where you can be heard telling your glass story.

You can even upload your own funny glass stories and share them with others on the Happy Glass website. This is one of the best features you will find in this exciting puzzle game.

Great Entertainment

Happy Glass is great entertainment. You will definitely have a great time playing this challenging puzzle game. It will definitely keep you interested throughout the session. The features it has are great. It will help keep you busy for hours. You can spend hours enjoying these features and trying to figure out what each level is all about.

Puzzle Game

Happy Glass is great entertainment. You will definitely have a great time playing this fun puzzle game. It will keep you busy for hours. You can spend hours enjoying these features and trying to figure out what each level is all about.

Happy Glass is great entertainment. It offers different levels of difficulty. The in-game character will help guide you through the different levels. The challenges it poses to your logical thinking will keep you coming back for more. It also gives you lots of rewards which makes this game brings lots of joy to your life.

Interesting Features

Happy Glass has many interesting features. For example, it has a drawing tool that you can use to draw the different shapes you want on the screen. You can do this by selecting the desired shape from the drawing tool and then dragging it to the grid. When you draw the shape you will get an overview of the drawing. To erase a shape click on it and a menu will appear where you can select erase.

Dynamic Mechanism

Another feature is the dynamic mechanism. This will allow you to connect different Happy Glass games. In the connection, menu clicks on add different games. The list of available games will appear and you can choose the one you like. Afterward when you are done playing you can reconnect to the Happy Glass server and see if it works or not.


Happy Glass is a great game for you who love playing funny flash games. It will give you lots of content that is completely free and you can play it for as long as you like. Happy Glass is a very simple game and its features have not got any glitches.

It has a simple interface but contains lots of exciting levels. It is not just about drawing funny lines and arranging different shapes, it is about having real fun while playing this game. So for all those of you who love playing flash games, Happy Glass is the right game for you.


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