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The Mars: Mars Half-Life 2 Mod is a mod for the original Half-Life game. In this game, you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own company on Mars. Your company will be working with mining resources from Mars and attempting to earn money for what you have done. The mod is a response to the lack of video games that feature the planet of Mars. Not only does it not feature any Mars colony, but it also does not feature any of the great science fiction stories that were written about the planet of Mars in the past.

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Half-Life 2 Mod

This may sound like a disappointment to a lot of people. However, there are a few good points in the Mars: Mars Half-Life 2 Mod. One point is the fact that this is a first person shooter video game. A lot of times, people are under the impression that if you are into first person shooters, then you might be into video games. That assumption could not be further than the truth.

Multiplayer mode

Another positive point about the mod is the fact that you get to choose whether or not there will be a multiplayer mode. There was never a mode like this for the original Half-Life. Multiplayer modes for games were usually only available on the single player versions of these types of games. However, with the mod for Half-Life 2, players who like to play multiplayer games can join in on the fun.


Since the game has a lot to do with exploration, you will also find yourself having to use a lot of environment to your advantage. For instance, if you are on Mars, you will need to use the environment to your advantage. There are a lot of dangers to keep away from while exploring the world around you. There is always danger lurking around the corner and you will need to use the environment to your benefit.


Mars: Mars Half-Life 2 Mod gives you the option of choosing from several different characters that you will first encounter on the red planet. There are several different roles that these characters can assume and some of them are going to be very helpful to you throughout the game. Some of the helpful characters include the captain, scientists, settlers and others. It is up to you to determine which character you would like to be and the attributes that you would like to add to your character.

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The story line in this game deals with a group of explorers that land on Mars and decide to explore the surrounding area. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when playing this type of game. First, the environment plays an important role in this game. The environment around you in the game is something that you will have to manage and protect yourself from.

For instance, if you encounter a dangerous situation that could cause you to lose your life or you find out that there are some creatures (including some sharks) that live around the area, you really have to think about how you can survive.

Lot of resources

The way that you are able to defend yourself is also very important. There are a lot of resources (such as food and water) that are around and you really have to manage your resources (water and food) so that you will be able to survive. Plus, you will discover many different areas that you can go to in order to gain more information about the surrounding area. This means that you will need to be resourceful in order to get what you need.


If you have played the original Mars: Mars Half-Life, you will notice that this version has a lot more content than the remakes. This is because the developers took a lot more time to create the content for this game. This means that it will have more secrets and easter eggs so that the players will have a lot to discover and enjoy when playing the game. Overall, this game is one that is very fun to play because of all of the unique features that have been added.


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