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If you are fond of helicopter games or action games in general, then Gunship Battle will fit your taste. It’s an exciting and fast-paced game where you will shoot enemies and bombs from the ground and destroy their base with various attacks like missiles, bombs, mines and even land raids. Here are tips for using the mod apk file to optimize your time playing the game and increase your score. Read on.

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Gunship Battle

Gunship Battle is a first person view game that challenges you in hand-to-hand combat to pilot an air combat helicopter and accomplish several missions. In some missions (most of them) you will be challenged to shoot down enemy bases, anti-aircraft targets, and even other static objects. The screen is divided into a top and bottom portion. And if you want you can also use the keyboard to control the game.


To play this cool action game, you need to have an Android device with a screen that is capable of running the required software. You need to have access to internet using either GPRS or EDGE. And obviously, you need to have Gunship Battle installed in your phone. That’s about it. This is one of the many other similar action games available in the Android Market.

Gunship Battle Features

Gunship Battle features a number of different helicopters and war planes to fight against. Each of these has a unique set of weaponry and is used for different purposes. As you progress through the game, you will find yourself unlocking more advanced gunships and aircraft, which makes the combat more difficult. There are four different areas in the game where you can select from different helicopters. Each one of them also has its own set of weapons and planes.

Various Challenges

To gain access to these areas, you will have to complete the various challenges within the game. There are also some very challenging mission objectives along with a number of achievements to achieve before you can gain access to the next level.

Game Modes

There are also some fun game modes available, which will let you enjoy Gunship Battle without having to worry about following a mission. These game modes allow you to select the type of competition, choose your opponents and select your own weapons and aircraft. They are very engaging and provide for an exciting gaming experience.

Original Version

Gunship Battle has been designed by keeping the features of the original version in mind. Although the graphics have been changed to a certain extent, they are not overly overdone. All colors and textures have been closely examined and blended so as to give the game the sense of real world accuracy. In fact, there are actually several areas where you will be allowed to land on different terrains and engage in dogfights with enemy helicopters.

Different Levels

Each of the different levels in Gunship Battle have numerous challenges associated with them. You can either fly your helicopter in a series of missions or you can select various weapons, upgrade your choppers and engage in dogfights with the enemy. The latter mode is quite challenging as you have the option to select a wide variety of aerial battles. Each one of these missions will give you a chance to use various weapons and aerial maneuvers against the enemy.


You can even select the various aircraft, which are used in the Gunship Battle. Some of the most advanced weapons include the X-shaped charge, laser blasts and bombs. You can enjoy a good time using the various helicopters in this highly thrilling mod. If you want to spend hours of fun in the Gunship Battle, then the Gunship Battle Addon is the best choice for you.

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