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Guns of Survivor is a non fictional third person shooting game based on military tactics. The game makes use of zombies as its theme. The player takes on the role of utilizing his weapons, saving people, looking for supplies and weapons, surviving, and ultimately playing the game itself is highly classic, but the setting is quite exciting and realistic. The storyline portrays a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overrun virtually all of the earth. The players has to make use of their wits and skill in order to survive against the zombies.

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Guns of Survivor

Guns of Survivor utilizes guns and other weapons such as knives and explosives in order to kill the zombies. However, in order to gain the upper hand, you will need to purchase weapons from a loot table. You can also level up your characters by earning achievements within the game itself. This newbies to zombies will also find it interesting to utilize a couple of strategies while playing this zombie shooting game.

Mod utilizes guns

As stated earlier, the mod utilizes guns and other weapons in order to make the player assume the role of a survivor. Newbies to zombies in particular may find it hard at first using guns and other weapons effectively. However, the mod provides easy to understand guidelines and tutorials in order to help new players and even experts at using weapons. Once you have started the mod, you can choose to play as a private or a server.

Play private

If you choose to play private, you can connect to a handful of friends to play together. However, if you play on a server, you will be able to communicate with other survivors, exchange information about the map, and you can also take advantage of other survivors.

Types of weapons

There are several types of weapons available for the player to use. The mod has an “APPS” directory that provides a list of all available weapons. When picking a gun, you should select the weapon that best fits your needs. The following list explains various types of guns of the Guns of Survivor apk. The weapons are divided into three categories namely, common weapons, special weapons and legendary weapons.

Guns of Survivor

The most basic type of weapon in the Guns of Survivor mod is the pistol. These low level weapons do not possess high firing rates but their attack speed is very fast. For instance, a player can use an assault rifle to attack zombies coming from the front and if he aims at the back, then he can aim for the head. A “wumpa’ fist” is another common simple control which is capable of inflicting minor wounds on zombies.

Survivor mod apk

The third type of guns in this guns of survivor mod apk are rifles. Rifles have much higher firing rate than pistols. Rifles are better when used against larger groups of zombies. They are also very effective when being used against zombies that have a tendency of coming in from unexpected directions.

Special zombies

There are also special zombies in the Guns of Survivor mod. These zombies have special features that make them very challenging to fight with. One such feature of these zombies are those that will freeze in place when shot. Another feature is that zombies will not flee when they are hit by a shotgun. However, these zombies cannot be obtained through the normal apk file.

Challenge players

This mod also includes twelve uniquely designed bosses waiting to challenge players of any level. These bosses include the Hydra, who has a nasty attack pattern involving his electrical attacks and his slam attack that causes significant damage. The Pliskin is another dangerous character in the Guns of Survivor mod.


This boss uses a club that deals heavy damage as well as has a stinger that will discharge when killed. The Gargoyle is another tough character. This skeleton has a strong defense against firearms and uses several strong weapons including his large club and shield that will block high caliber projectiles fired by survivors.

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