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Guns Of Boom is an exciting, fast-paced, free-for-all multiplayer FPS with gripping gameplay and amazing 3D graphics. It’s so easy for your cat to pick up the controllers, but the mastery skill-cap is still high enough for competitive gamers to spark off the interest of serious tournament-style gamers who’ve used the mod to very difficult and often clutch mirror matches.

This tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of this addictive game, from getting started to mastery of all Guns Of Boom weapons.

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Guns Of Boom

Unlike other first-person shooters, where gun and player movements are separate and distinct, Guns Of Boom uses a co-op-style combat system, where each player in the game can select different classes which unlock additional abilities and weapons.

Special Abilities

Each class also possesses special abilities that change gameplay in unique ways, allowing each player to build a unique playing experience tailored to their own needs. The standard gun/player combinations you’ll find in the majority of games are Pistols/Rifles, Snipers, Demomen, and Robots. Each class has different weapon usage, range of mobility, and overall effectiveness against specific types of opponents.

Defend Various Points

The base gameplay of Guns Of Boom is quite simple, as you must defend various points by blasting incoming rounds into the opponents. You’ll find that defending is not all that easy, and can take several minutes of constant fighting. The overall objective of the game is to ensure that all the opposing team members are killed before the timer runs out.

Enemies Eliminated

Each round is composed of three parts: the initial attack phase, the middle phase, and the final phase, which results in the winning player obtaining a score based on the number of enemies eliminated. The winning player is only allowed to keep their current amount of ammo, so planning and preparation are vital to being able to stay on the objective.

kill Multiple Opponents

A new feature in the Guns Of Boom gameplay is the use of ” grenades “–which can be combined with other explosives to kill multiple opponents at once. Grenades are often placed at strategic locations and must be utilized wisely to the best effect.

Using grenades in the right way can help you gain an advantage over your opponents and help you score more goals. Even if you’re a novice at the controls of the game, you can still feel a sense of accomplishment when you successfully accomplish the objectives and complete the mode.

Regular Updates

One of the major positives of this Guns Of Boom game is its great level of detail and the consistent updates that bring new content to the game. With regular updates, the developers are able to implement new features and changes that make the game better.

This is one of the main reasons why many people have turned to play this game rather than any of the other major online FPS games available today. It is possible for gamers to get the same level of excitement that they would get from an actual FPS game without having to invest nearly as much money.

Nature of The Game

Due to the nature of the game, there are many people who will find that the action gets a bit slower as you progress through the levels. This is simply because of how the game’s mechanics work. In previous versions of Guns Of Boom, all players were able to use all of the weapons at their disposal, as well as being able to jump up and down between platforms.

Newer Technology

However, certain aspects of the game changed with the arrival of newer technology, which negatively affected the gameplay. The bright side of this, however, is that all current guns of Boom have been optimized for use with newer devices such as the iPad, meaning that the action will be as sharp and vibrant as it was when the game first launched.

Unique Experience

One of the best parts of playing Guns Of Boom on the iPad is the in-game party system. Players can create custom parties with their friends, creating a unique experience each time around. Likewise, players can choose specific songs for their parties, ensuring that every experience is completely unique and different.

Colorful Graphics

By allowing players to connect with others who are using similar devices, the iPad versions of Guns Of Boom become even more popular with gamers around the world, who find that they are able to enjoy high-quality gameplay, colorful graphics, and great user interface.

Playing Style

While the visuals might not be as brilliant as other flash-based PC games, they are a far cry from bland. With realistic physics and superb graphics, players will be thoroughly entertained with every stage of gameplay. Best of all, the massive list of weapons available means that everyone will be able to find something to suit their own playing style.


Not only that but players are guaranteed to find a host of online multiplayer action that is just as enjoyable as the single-player version. With superb visuals, impeccable gameplay, and an innovative party system, Guns Of Boom has everything going for it that any hardcore multiplayer shooter game should.

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