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Gun Game is an interesting online multiplayer shooting game which involves gun shooting and hand to hand fighting. In this game the player has a limited number of lives to live and each life has a different level of difficulty. The player also has a life meter that decreases as they get hit. They have a primary objective of destroying the enemies before they run out of lives.

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Gun Game Arms Race Mod

Gun Game Arms Race Mod is an impressive mod for Android. Join a gun fight in an alien terrain with large maps and lots of enemies all trying to kill you. The mod provides various weapons and each weapon has special abilities to enable the player to dominate their opponents in hand to hand combat.

Preliminary view

Gun Game Arms Race is a mod for Android using the Open Source Android engine. This allows it to be a free and open source project. This means the mod has the potential to work on any version of Android. I am sure that there will be no problem developing it for other devices as well, if there is a problem. It does, however, have its limitations, which are outlined in the list below. Please note that this list is only a preliminary view and that the final list will be expanded once the mod actually begins distribution.

Revenge of Gun Game

The mod has received a new update called “Revenge of Gun Game”. It offers a whole new range of challenges and gun fight action. Some of the content is already available in the original Gun Game, but this new update expands on that. It features a whole new map, new weapons, new challenges and an all new story line.

First person shooter (FPS)

Gun Game Arms Race is now a first person shooter (FPS) game with gun fight action. Your goal in this new adventure game is to shoot down every enemy that comes within your sight and one way you accomplish this is by picking up and holding weapons throughout the levels. Weapons are used to damage or kill each target that you encounter. Each weapon has a different skill type attached to it that helps increase your chances of hitting your targets.

Upgraded Call

The gun shooting action is enhanced by the quality graphics. It looks like you got your hands on an upgraded Call of Duty, but with the quality graphics, you won’t want to use your real gun to do it. The story line in Gun Game Arms Race is very well written, drawing you in and making you feel involved with the world that you are living in. The sound and music that accompanies you throughout the levels adds to the immersion experience. It makes you feel as though you are really on a mission to save Earth.

Arms Race

To add even more to the realism, Gun Game Arms Race mod brings back the training mode from the Android Anniversary 2021 update. This allows you to hone your skills by having to defend your position against waves of enemies. This also helps you build up your arsenal by giving you more weapons to use against the various enemies that you will encounter. With the training mode and the weapons mod installed, you can feel almost as if you were a member of the armed forces and going out to battle an enemy base.


If you have been looking for a new and exciting twist on the old gun game, then you need to download Gun Game Arms Race. There are plenty of games that have come and gone by the time you finished reading this, but none has done what Arms Race has done. Playing this mod brings the thrill of shooting into the world of first person shooters. This is the newest and best version of the old tradition, and it deserves a download.

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