Grand Theft Auto III Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Grand Theft Auto III on mobile devices brings the fantasy of the city to life. With a huge and varied open world to explore, a crazy and wild cast of characters and the ultimate freedom to roam at will, Grand Theft Auto III gives you the chance to be the criminal you’ve been waiting to be.

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Grand Theft Auto III

If you’ve always wanted to become a criminal but don’t have the heart or the desire to go through the trauma of getting mugged or shot, then now is your chance to do it with Grand Theft Auto III. With the original game, you were a hit man on the streets who roamed the streets and stole from those people who didn’t follow the law.

Life of luxury

Now with the all new Grand Theft Auto III, you can put your mark on this world and live a life of luxury and crime without anyone really knowing that you’re a secret agent.

Bigger story

The reason why Grand Theft Auto III has such incredible voice acting is because the writers of this game recognized the potential of a bigger story behind the scenes.

True to the source material, you are hired by the authorities (the authorities being you, the player) and given a personal assignment to save the city of Las Vegas from the bad guys. Although your mission is as broad as the storyline allows, it’s the voice acting that really sells the experience.

The first person perspective

The first person perspective is done perfectly by Lawrence Jackson, who plays the role of Niko Bellic, an ordinary citizen who is the brain behind the investigation that aims to unmask the criminal elements of Liberty City and bring down the syndicate which controls the city.


The personality of Niko is absolutely convincing, giving the character the necessary depth to make you feel that he really does have what it takes to bring down this massive crime.

In contrast to previous installments of the Grand Theft Auto series, the voice acting is much tighter, providing a realistic depiction of how people really speak in this world. It helps enhance the overall atmosphere of the game, helping you to connect to the game even more.

Improved graphics

The other side of things is the improved graphics. Compared to previous versions, Grand Theft Auto III boasts of better visuals, offering a better image of the character you are controlling. Details such as the physical layout of Niko’s office, the outside of his hotel and even the minutest details such as a potted plant just before he gets out of the car are shown with great clarity, making the whole scene look more life-like.

Thanks to the new 3D graphics offered by the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III, you will get an enhanced playing experience, something that previous versions don’t have.

Original dialogue

The audio and voice acting also received major upgrades in the follow-up to Grand Theft Auto III. Now, you will get to listen to original dialogue, as well as the dialogue delivered by the actors in the game (although not in the same manner as they were in the previous versions).

With the introduction of the three playable characters (Niko, Leone andrio) as well as new vehicles, the overall plot of the game has been developed with increased interest and emotional value.

Fight against crime

Although the main storyline of Grand Theft Auto III deals with the fight against crime, the game does have plenty of side quests to keep you busy. These side quests are designed to add more realism to the game, as you will be forced to steal vehicles and even go on jobs to earn money for them.

Liberty City

For example, if you choose to drive a taxi, you can make a few stops and pick up passengers. You can also decide to buy a motorcycle or a big truck and enter the free open-world of Liberty City. This will allow you to see some of the local landmarks, such as the famous Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Times Square, as well as lots of other interesting landmarks.

The Dark Knight

If you want to feel as if you really got involved in the whole Liberty City storyline, you must pay attention to the cut-scenes. In fact, the storyline of Grand Theft Auto III is heavily based on the events in the movie The Dark Knight. If you like the movie, then you will certainly enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto III. However, if you haven’t played the game, then you are definitely missing out on an incredible experience.


After reading this article you should know that playing Grand Theft Auto III on the android version is a great choice. Not only is it the most recent release of this addictive open-world game, it also provides you with hours of addictive fun. If you love the movie, then you will love playing this amazing mobile version of the game!


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