Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gold)

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The Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk contains some features that allow you to earn cash and experience points while you are in the hotel. You can buy rooms and use coins on the different rooms, but you have to earn the money or you will have to pay for it with a credit card. Guests are not able to purchase things at the cash till in the hotel, however, because the store is in the green zone. However, you are able to purchase things in the “special offers” section of the room.

Grand Hotel Mania

This program also has several other free downloadable games including the Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk. There are several different Grand Hotel Mania Apks that can be downloaded from the official website for free.

The only cost to completing levels and earning coins is to pay for the credits by using your credit card. There are many ads that appear while you are online and they do cost a bit.

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The Grand Hotel Mania Apk has a complete overhaul of the Grand Hotel concept. The game gives you many different challenges and even allows the user to create his or her own boss fight against an army of zombies. The Grand Hotel Mania Apk has lots of content including four different rooms which are all themed after famous film franchises such as the Saw movies.

The rooms are full of zombies and the storyline revolves around a hotel overrun by the undead. The undead includes both normal humans and zombies.

Different themed

The Grand Hotel Mania Apk includes four different themed episodes that give you more chances to earn money, earn stars, and even find rare items and weapons. The first episode lets you control three characters and travel around the world.

In each episode, you are given a mission based on the type of character that you have. You can save the hotel, fight off waves of zombies, and go on a treasure hunt or slow travel around the world. In each episode, you will fight in one of the following episodes; the diner, office, maintenance, technician, and a boss fight.

Mania theme

As part of the Grand Hotel Mania Mod, you can also create your own mania theme. This gives you the ability to play the same level with the same people every time. You can then use special cheat codes to make it so that every player has different challenges and levels to complete.

You can choose to play with a single person, or play with a group of up to four players. The Grand Hotel Mania Apk also has an achievements feature where you can challenge yourself to complete all of the achievements listed in the cheat code list.

Available boosters

Another part of the Grand Hotel Mania Mod is the use of boosters. There are ten available boosters in the latest version. Each booster provides you with ten percent more coins on successful completion of a level.

Using boosters on the right times can help you finish levels in a shorter period of time. You can use these boosters at the start of each level or use them at the end of a level to increase your chances of completing a level within a set time frame.


You can also purchase and activate the Grand Hotel Mania Mod using your credit card. It works just like any other add on that you can buy for a price from the Google Play Store. Just pay once for it and download it onto your computer. Then, you can activate the mod and enjoy the exciting gameplay provided by the application.

Just like any other adventure game that you can buy for your mobile device, you can upgrade your hotel with additional features that allow you to become even more successful.


There are a number of exciting new features that this mod provides. You can find various coupons and codes to help you buy furniture that have a lower price in the shop. You can also purchase special decorations to add to the beautiful decor of your room. If you like pets, then you can unlock pets to add to your colorful world, as well as acquire new pets to take care of them.

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