Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Grand Hotel Mania is a new game by the same publisher as Grand Hotel Mania. However, it is also different from Grand Hotel Mania in many ways. As a relatively new online game developer, perhaps they need a little more time before their game is truly popular among every serious gamer out there. I’ll tell you why I think that they are failing.

Grand Hotel Features

Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk has all the Grand Hotel features that we’ve come to expect from the Grand Hotel series. It’s full of action, murder mystery, and even the promise of some free extras. Unfortunately, there isn’t much content in this game. If you want to get content for this mod, you’ll have to either buy the in-game currency or manually add on the purchased dollars.

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Murder Mystery

This is where Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk takes a break from Grand Hotel Mania. Instead of a murder mystery, the focus turns to the tycoon theme. tycoons can buy up and take over various establishments – like the diner mentioned above.

But if the tycoons are not careful, the workers at the establishment might get killed. Then the player must step in and help the police solve the case and bring down the tycoon.

Paid Version

This mode is available only to players who bought the paid version of Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk. You can use coins in this mode to buy everything from the mania center to the mania credits. The mania center has special items that can help you get through some of the challenges in the game.

The credits are used to purchase things like new apartments and weapons for the mania part. Plus the more credits you have, the faster the rate of earning money for the open hotels.

Earning Money

In addition to earning money with the open hotels, you can also earn coins by completing different tasks throughout the course of the game. There are five main tasks at each level and you can choose one of them to complete for a fee. If you complete the challenge without unlocking anything, you still earn coins for that task.

There are a few other smaller achievements and you can earn these as well. The money you earn from the mania center will be added to your pool for earning coins.

Purchasing Things

When you earn coins, they are added to your pool and you can use them for purchasing things in the mania marketplace. There are four different marketplace areas and you earn bonus money in each area based on the number of guests you manage to attract.

The guests you attract will earn you more money and the more you have, the more expensive the items you will find for sale in the marketplace. Some of the items include decorations for the rooms, and decorations for the hotel front, and you can even purchase new furniture if you wish.

Different Neighborhoods

The fourth area is called the travel around. You can travel around different neighborhoods and attractions each earning money while you play. The travel around earns you points every time a guest uses the restroom inside the hotel or when they buy something using the credit card in the mania shop.

It’s possible to unlock special promos throughout the course of the game and you can earn enough points to unlock a special apartment for you and your guest. This apartment has all the amenities that your guest would enjoy in their own room and they will be safe from any danger in the mania board room.


It really is an amazing game and it gives you lots of chances to earn money, acquire items, and even to enjoy the atmosphere of the Grand Hotel Mania Mod Apk. It is very much similar to the popular vacation mania games like Grow House or Hotel Tonight.

In fact, guests can even rent an apartment right in the mania board room! Every level contains a number of missions for you to accomplish. At every level, you will also have the opportunity to visit the four zones, collect money, and complete all the quests while you help the hotel management game in its development.


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