Grand Criminal Online Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Ammo/Energy)

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Grand Criminal Online is a free-roaming action-adventure game based on a franchise of the same title. From being an ordinary police officer who was thrown into a world of fantasy and adventure, he rises to become the prime suspect in the murder case. You play as Justin “The Franchise” Jordan, a police officer who finds himself in the center of a strange, supernatural crime.

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Grand Criminal Online

In Grand Criminal Online, players control both the game’s storyline as well as the character of Justin Jordan through its in-game systems. One of those is the Grand Criminal Online apk. This is the link that will lead you to the main mission of the game: the investigation of a crime.

Justin, alongside his partner, has been invited to investigate a gangster that made threats against a local business. In order to save the local business, they had to go on a special point-to-point quest to complete their mission.

Grand Criminal Online apk

The Grand Criminal Online apk is available for free download from Google play. This is the link that will take you to the main menu of Grand Criminal Online where you will see the various available missions for the game. These are divided into two categories: public and private.

Public missions give you extra experience and cash. On the other hand, private missions will cause you to get spotted by the enemy gangsters and get special points and money as a result.

Shooting Range Test

Some of the available missions for Grand Criminal Online are shooting range test, chase, get dressed together, truck chase, sniper, bike chase, airplane crash, airplane boarding, truck driving test, get caught in prison, bank robbery, hit and run, hijacking, shooting range test, car jack, car chase, prison break, plane crash, treasure hunt, and much more.

Machine guns

These all require different sets of skills. For example, if you want to shoot someone with your machine gun, you will need to learn how to use your machine gun. Likewise, if you want to get dressed up and dress together with your partner, then you will need to learn how to get dressed up. And so forth.

Mod features

To get the maximum score, you will need to perform all the actions in each of the missions. Even though there are many Grand Criminal Online mod features that can help you to do this, it is often the case that people play the game without knowing about these mod features and end up getting stuck on one particular task.

Types of mod

Therefore, when you start playing the game, make sure that you know about all the mod features available to you. You could also download different types of mod files from different websites and install them onto your machine. However, these are not supported on all types of mobile phones.

Auto Modules

If you wish to improve the Grand Criminal Online experience, you will find that there are several theft Auto Modules available for free online. You can download the theft auto part and install it on your phone. Then you will be able to enter into real-time the state of the opponents in your criminal trial. This type of Grand Criminal Online activity is best done while logged into your android device.

Challenge missions

There is another set of Grand Criminal Online mod features that will give you an extra edge in this thrilling and free open-world action game. The Grand Criminal Online challenge missions are split into two – one allows you to complete all challenge missions and earn credits while the other awards you with special points.

Special points

These points can later be traded in for cash. Special points can be used to buy items that are necessary for your character in the game. To make the most of your special point-earning, you should choose the right mission to do with the points you have.

Shooting your opponents

For example, if you are after a better accuracy in shooting your opponents, you should try doing the ” robbery” mission. You can also get many different types of weapons, from pistols to machine guns and hand grenades to other types of armaments that are needed in this highly thrilling and action-packed Grand Criminal Online game.


You can also find many different types of vehicles in this exciting version of Grand Criminal Online. The main aim of the game is to thieve people and destroy as many lives as possible and earn as much money as possible. You can easily reach the level 25 and be equipped with all the weapons and vehicles of your choice.

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