Golden WhatsApp Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Latest New Version]

Everyone has heard of this Modded Version of WhatsApp that is WhatsApp plus. Gold WhatsApp is the most recent version of WhatsApp plus. It can also be known as WhatsApp plus gold. The app has been designed to allow you to participate in a variety of themes and emotions.

Whatsapp Golden

This Modded version does not just have the functionality that WhatsApp gives, but it also has several additional features that will enhance ease of use. A lot of users have been able to rate this version as one of the best of the Modded versions, too.

Security is the most important aspect when installing the Modded version, so in this version, security is thought to be at the top spot. Users will have a lot of fun using this application. It’s impossible to cover all the functions of this program in the introduction section.

Additional Information

Version 8.12.6
Size 40MB
Last update May 1, 2022
Ratings 4.6
Licensed Freeware
Coast Free
Category Whatsapp
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As we said, the Modded version comes with a vast package of numerous features and you can utilize any of them anytime. Certain features have been taken from WhatsApp’s official version WhatsApp and others are improved versions of these.

We have listed a few of the latest features that WhatsApp golden offers.

  • Notification
  • Dark Mode
  • Photos chat
  • Image shape
  • Hide option
  • Privacy settings
  • Status of disabled
  • Document submission
  • Multi-format
  • Turn off calls
  • Verifications
  • Emoji
  • Last Active
  • Double Status


You can alter the color and time for your notifications area to be Gold WhatsApp. It is a Modded Version of WhatsApp that lets you take full control of WhatsApp settings.

You can alter the settings for not only chat and contacts, but you can alter the settings for your notification section. If you don’t wish to receive any notifications associated with WhatsApp you can disable the notifications on WhatsApp.

Dark Mode

For those who prefer dark mode, the latest version of WhatsApp is now available with the option called dark mode. This feature of the dark mode is available in the official version, but at first, it was made available to users by this app. This feature is no longer irritating your eyes, and in the evening, users feel more comfortable using their mobile phones to WhatsApp.

Photos Chat

Sharing photos with WhatsApp is, however, a feature of the official WhatsApp as well, but the ability to convert pictures to stickers is the distinctive characteristic of the latest version of WhatsApp. Similar features are available on WhatsApp with a Tm version.

Image Shape

Transform your images into a shape that is spherical. You no longer have to conform to the shape of the image. Can you change the form of the image into one that is spherical effortlessly?

Hide Option

The hide feature is a long list of options. Hide your profile from selected contacts. Your status is hidden and the most recently active from selected contacts only. Simply toggle between modes of disabling and enable in order to have your personal profile the last active profile visible or not.

Privacy Settings

You can conceal the status of your tick if are not interested in letting your contacts know about your read status. Doing this either following having read the message of your contacts, they will see only one tick, or in the details of the message, there will not be any mention of your status of the message.

Disable Status

You can turn off your status after you’ve posted it. After you have uploaded your status and then would like to deactivate it for a period of time, this status will no longer be visible to any of your contacts, even those who have already seen the status previously.

Document Submission

Document submission is an integral feature of virtually every social media app. However, this application permits users to upload documents in nearly every format, in pdf or .ppt format as well. There are a few social apps that share .ppt as well as .xls format files. This application is among them.

Multi Formats

You can, as mentioned, use the application to share all formats of files on this application. However, in particular, if would like to exchange Apk files with this application, you are able to do that too.

Disable Calls

You can disable your phone calls if you are not disturbed by the call notification. If you do not wish to disengage any of your contacts, but do not wish to receive any notifications of their calls, you can alter the settings to disable the calls.

In addition, you can also block all calls to your contacts. After you have done this, you will receive messages as well as vocal notes from your contacts, but you won’t receive notifications for calls.

Parallel Accounts

Are you looking to create parallel accounts for multiple accounts from one mobile device? You will not be required to install a third mobile application on a brand new device and you won’t be required to install an additional mobile application to do that.

Through this app, users are able to switch between two WhatsApp accounts from one application. In the settings for your profile, you can switch between accounts with ease.


Verify your mobile phone number by obtaining the OTP for your registered number swiftly. The creation of OTP through this application is quick and responsive.


A vast collection of GIFS and Emojis is included in this application. Alongside image sharing, you can also share numerous Emojis with this application in one go.

Last Active

If you don’t want to display your last active status on your contacts list, select the last activity that you would like to display by hand. After that, your contacts will only see the date you manually set for your status as the last active one.

Double Status

By using this app, you are able to increase the duration of status in comparison to the standard ones. You are not bound to share the 30 seconds status, but the time will be twice as long.


It is evident from the name that the primary color used in this application is gold. The color of the icon in this application is appealing and is gold.


If we are able to make a decision, we would never recommend installing any Modded versions of any Social Media app. No, whatever the level of security offered to users by the Modded application, it’s claimed that it isn’t secure to install the Modded version at all.


Q Can be downloaded Gold WhatsApp through the Google Play Store?

Since this is a Modded version, it is not possible to make it so.

A: Where do I get the HTML0 file? Gold WhatsApp?

When you click the link, you’ll be able to download it.


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