Golden Bubble Sort Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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Golden Bubble Sort is yet another android application which has been developed by app creator TeamDAV. This popular utility app is based on the famous Golden Bubble Sort game that was introduced on the Google play marketplace. As per its title, Golden Bubble Sort sorts your android device items in accordance to their categories.

As per the screenshots shared on the google play marketplace, the app enables users to sort their mobile phones and select various categories such as News, Weather, Music, Movies, TV, App and Email.

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The Golden Bubble Sort

The Golden Bubble Sort has several features, which can be considered as a unique feature of the Golden Bubble Sort. As per the screenshots shared on the play store marketplace, it features a variety of sorting options which users can utilize to sort their items.

One of the most interesting features of this sort is that it supports the feature of sorting items according to their group or alphabetical order. The other features also include sorting by date, time, price and many more.


The Golden Bubble Sort offers various other features as well, which help you improve your experience of playing the game and get rid of all the hassles. For example, if you want to purchase a particular item but you are not entirely sure about it, you can use the feature of “Coins without coins” option.

You will be able to buy coins without paying any money at all! Moreover, if you are stuck with some items and wish to get rid of them, you can choose to use the feature of ” Coin Reward”.

Golden Bubble

The Golden Bubble Sort offers various other exciting features for free on the go. For example, you can use the Golden Bubble Sort widget which helps you log on to the site whenever you need to check the news or browse the latest news.

In addition, the Golden Bubble Sort also offers you an opportunity to connect with your friends via the social networking facility of “My Friends”. You can send your friends the link of your Golden Bubble Sort application in order to completely free the application from your phone.

Amazing Puzzle Game

Apart from this, the Golden Bubble Sort has various other unique features for your complete enjoyment and happiness every day. If you wish to play the amazing puzzle game without any restriction, you can use the feature of ” resize the bubbles “. As you will recall, the Golden Bubble Sort has a large number of bubbles. By using this option, you will be able to manage them efficiently and effectively.

Design For Free

Furthermore, the Golden Bubble Sort features also offer you a chance to create your own design for free. You have the option of making the bubbles as per your own choice. If you wish to play the Golden Bubble Sort with your family and friends, you can ensure them that you are not trying to spy them or annoy them.

If you are not comfortable creating the bubbles by yourself, you can select the option of getting the application ” resize the bubbles ” instead. This is an amazing and fun alternative that will enable you to manage and access the Golden Bubble Sort easily.

Free Version

In addition, you can get the amazing free version of the golden bubble sort game through internet. The game can be downloaded from internet and you can simply install it on your mobile device. You can also enjoy playing the game without any restrictions. However, if you do not like the style and features of the bubble game, you can simply delete it from your device and obtain the regular version.


The Golden Bubble Sort features numerous levels. Moreover, you can test your intelligence by going through each level. You can simply move on to the next level by answering simple puzzles or making use of the ” resize the bubbles ” function. In fact, you can play the Golden Bubble Sort in various different ways. You can select the mode that you prefer such as ” arcade” style, puzzle style, racing, and many others.

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