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The song “Get it Right” by The Weeknd with his band The Weekend will be appearing on the sixth album Glee: The Music – Vol. 5. The song will be available as a digital download for buyers who pre-order Glee: The Music.

Get It Right is an instantly catchy tune with heavy guitar riffs and dance numbers. The song was originally released as a single called Get It Right. A week later, it became an instant hit with audiences. The Weeknd’s name is attached to the song due to his association with the band The Weekend.

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the music video which features the star performing his song Get It Right along with the band.

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Get It Right

The video begins with a dramatic slow-motion shot of the band lying in the grass with a mysterious figure running behind them. The figure is running toward something which is being held up by two men in black outfits. At the end of the video, the man in black is seen placing something down which is covered in a doormat.

The Weeknd then performs the song while he is standing still while the others are running past him in slow motion. Throughout the video, there are some brief clips of him performing other songs.

Group Performing

The video ends with the group performing a cover of La Dee Da Swing. During the song, they switch to slow dancing which includes several members lifting their arms while dancing. It ends with the group performing a version of I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.

While the video features many of these songs, Get It Right also has some interesting content which I will discuss. This post will not focus on the content of getting It Right, but instead, will give my opinion about the video and the marketing campaign that it represents.

Get It Right Highlights

One of the main things that Get It Right highlights is the fact that Justin Timberlake is able to sing different notes because he is naturally an excellent singer. At the beginning of the video, we hear Justin singing along to Don’t Worry, It’s Only Music.

This is followed by another singer who is attempting to copy the song. The first one who can be seen in the video is Nelly. It’s only since then that other songs from the catalog have been added such as One Move and Beautiful Now.

Feature Nelly

When the video first debuted, most people thought it was a commercial for Nelly’s new single Beautiful Now. However, since the video did not feature Nelly and missed the mark when trying to market the single, Justin decided to take matters into his own hands and put the project out as a full album.

Since the video failed to impress, the project was immediately pulled from all streams and released to viewers without further promotion. With this failure, Justin has decided to let it go now and move on to the better things.

Britney Spears

Get It Right is similar to the many videos that are made for other popular singers like JLS and Britney Spears. The only difference is that instead of a commercial, Get It Right is more of a simple video that is meant to educate.

The way that Gets It Right functions is that it does not promote the product or brand that is being advertised but instead shows the audience how good they are at their craft. For any other ad campaign, this would have been a complete disaster, and Get It Right is proof that you don’t always get what you pay for.


With all that being said, Get It Right is still a very likable video and could very well go viral. Even if it doesn’t make the cut, you can be sure that JT is still going to be singing the cover versions of his songs. I guess we can all be glad that JT is finally letting his true talents shine through. If you are looking for an inspiring video or want to learn how to make an amazing commercial, this one definitely qualifies.

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