Genshin Impact Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Shopping)

Genshin Impact, the newest addition to the hit augmented reality mobile games, is now available for download from Google play. After many months of anticipation, you too can finally register Genshin Impact for yourself from the creator of Honkaku Impact.

This is an exciting game with amazing graphics, an engrossing storyline, and several charming characters. Best of all, Genshin Impact offers a wide world of surprises, full of adventures.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is basically a role-playing game that revolves around the cute and adorable old Genshin, a young Japanese boy who suddenly falls into a mysterious land of fantasy. Genshin’s father, a high official of the country of Kyoto, decides that he must marry a princess of the land to provide his son with a chance at happiness.

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Genshin Discovers

But Genshin discovers that he does not have to settle for life as a prince or a mere commoner, as his real destiny lies in being the master of a powerful dragon. Thus, he sets out on a grand adventure to retrieve the three divine artifacts of the gods – the Genshin Dragon, the Genshin Shield, and the Genshin Star.

Nine Levels

There are a total of nine levels in Genshin Impact, ranging from easy to medium to hard. The first two levels introduce you to the various features of the different sides of Genshin and let the players get familiar with their respective races before moving on. At the fourth level, players get to experience the first half of the Genshin story, while two more side missions let the players explore the Genshin Desert and the Genshin Forest.

The mission of Genshin Impact

And players still have yet another task to finish off at level five, the final mission of Genshin Impact, which is to use Genshin’s powers to bring peace to the kingdom of Vanaia.

Players can choose to be either male or female, and can thus marry a Princess or a Samurai, take on another side mission or spend time with the sister Genshin. The game gives players a chance to return to Genshin’s homeland of Kyoto while venturing to other areas of Genshin and its surrounding area.

Combat System

Genshin Impact has an interesting combat system, as you can see from the screenshots of the game’s opening screen. Using the arrow keys, players can target their enemies, run up and down the walls, attack their vulnerable points such as their eyes, nose, and genitals, and activate hidden items.

They can also choose to use weapons against their opponents, although using a bow is recommended since bows have more accuracy than most other weapons in Genshin Impact. If you need to increase your accuracy, then simply put on the bow skill tree.

Genshin Impact features a nice screen, displaying the overall player’s statistics at the bottom part of the screen, including their health and agility. It can also be used to create an interface for the player to select which skills they wish to use for each battle.

Enemy’s Health

You can also see a summary of the enemy’s health points and their elemental strengths on the screen. When it comes to fighting Genshin Impact’s enemies, remember that they are very resilient and extremely powerful, especially the dragons, so you will have to put up a good fight if you want to survive. When choosing your weapons, remember that there are two types of weapons available in Genshin Impact: bow and sword.

Hunting Dragons

Most of the arrows used for hunting dragons will not work on the enemies, so you will have to use the bow. The bow has many special effects that will make your kill more spectacular, and there are also many elemental arrows available in the Genshin Impact mod apk, including the element that is strongest against the dragon type.


Another feature of Genshin Impact that players will find impressive is the fact that many of its features are actually divided into two different categories. You can choose whether you want to use the PvP or PvE modes, as well as the specific skill combinations for each.

For example, when it comes to selecting your skills, there are specific options for ranged damage and stamina management, which are automatically controlled through Genshin Impact’s in-built controls.

Healing And Support

There are also options available for both healing and support, allowing you to effectively change the course of the battle from moment to moment. It also features unlimited virtual enemies to fight against, as well as the ability to view the position and level of the crystals used by the enemies you are going to fight.

Maximum Level

It is possible to play the game up to a maximum level without spending any money, and this feature is called the Unlimited Vigor Skill Capsule.

The Unlimited Vigor Skill Capsule allows you to get unlimited skill points to be spent on training as well as special quests that reward you with a variety of helpful buffs, which include extra damage absorption and defense as well as boosts for all types of defense.

More Points

When you want to get more points, or if you want to train at a faster pace, then you can also purchase the Genshin Impact’s special mount. You can get the mount from inside the game or buy one from the Genshin site, and the mount can be used for all the quests you do not want to waste any time on.

Actual Land

The Genshin Impact apk for android devices allows you to play the game while watching TV or reading a book. In fact, this is exactly what the Genshin site advertises as well since the apk enables you to “travel” throughout Genshin. Although travel, in this case, means traveling the actual land, you still have a lot of freedom as you are playing the game as a member of the forces of Good.


There are five sibling quests in total, which take you through each region of Genshin and reward you with various items such as the Genshin Impact and Genshin Tear. Each of these quests has a different story to follow along as you complete them, and if you really like to role play or want to experience the feel of being in Genshin, then this is the best place for you to be.


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