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In the midst of a variety of different social networks, WhatsApp is one of the most popular and trusted platforms utilized for instant messaging.

Yet, users still have doubts and confusion in relation to WhatsApp they believe WhatsApp isn’t the solution they are looking for. In order to eliminate the confusion and doubts about WhatsApp, developers have come up with the concept of GbWhatsApp professional.

GBwhatsapp Pro Apk

This application has the features one could expect to find in any instant social media application. It is a version called WhatsApp that is getting more popular due to the numerous features it has to offer.

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Additional Information

Android Requirement 4.0 or more
Root Require No
Total downloads 5 M+
Version V12.00
Size 50MB
Updated on May 1, 2022
Category Whatsapp
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This application is a new version of WhatsApp you can expect to get every feature that is available in an official version of WhatsApp from this app.

There are a lot of new features developed by developers in order to make the GB version of WhatsApp distinct from the standard version. A few of the best features are listed below.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Deleted Messages
  • Deleted Status
  • Status Sharing
  • Hide Status
  • Last Seen
  • Messages Delivery
  • Library
  • Wallpaper
  • Secure

Instant Messaging

It can be used as an instant message application like the official version, however with some improvements.

Send any message, no matter the length of the message. The latest version of WhatsApp has surpassed the limitation on the number of characters used in messages.

Send and share images videos, images, or any other file in your inbox to others on your contacts list. You are not bound to the format of the document you want to share, you’ll be able to share anything at any time you’d like to.

Deleted Messages

In this version of the law, one is able to erase the message to everyone. The recipient will also no longer view the message.

However, when using WhatsApp’s GB version WhatsApp recipients can view the deleted message of the sender. While the message is erased by the person who sent it, it will be displayed in the chat using the icon that says deleted. The icon will inform you the message is deleted from the receiver.

Deleted Status

The status that was removed by the user no longer shows up to his contacts who have a GB version installed, they can view the status that was posted by the person who posted it. Unlike Whatsapp Blue

In addition, the status seen by the user won’t be visible at the time of posting the message. Nor will they receive any notifications afterward. You may also leave a comment on the status that was removed by the user.

Status Sharing

You can share any type of content, such as an image, video, or any video of a short length with the rest of your contacts list. This feature is exactly identical to the official version.

Hide Status

Since hiding status is a function of WhatsApp, the official version of WhatsApp however the improvement to this new version of WhatsApp is the ability to conceal your status to the user.

If you don’t wish to notify the user that you’ve seen the status of the user, you can block your status by the settings of WhatsApp Pro. WhatsApp Pro.

Last Seen

You can set your last time to be seen as per your preference. If you don’t want to let your list of contact acquaintances know when you were the last active? You can create the final scene to reflect your personal preference.

You can set the time and date manually through the settings of GB WhatsApp and this set time and date will be displayed to the contacts on your list.

Messages Delivery

You can change the delivery status in accordance with your preferences. In WhatsApp, the version that is official WhatsApp you can choose to double tick the option.

These ticks will become gray if the message has been sent and turn blue after the message has been read by the person who received it.

In the case of GB WhatsApp, You can choose the method of delivery in accordance with your preference. If you don’t wish to inform your list of contacts friends know that the message they sent them has been read by you.

You can deactivate the change in the color of ticks by adjusting the settings. Additionally, you can choose the types of ticks that you would like. You can even add emojis to be displayed on the ticks.


There’s a massive collection of Emojis. GIFS stickers, GIFS, and more are available and stickers are all available in GB WhatsApp as compared to the official version. Developers have been working hard on the sticker library as well as GIFS that are available in GB WhatsApp as compared to the official version.


Like in the official version you can choose the wallpaper to be the background or a picture of any, but the only restriction is you’ll be able to choose the identical wallpaper for all contacts. But with GB WhatsApp you can set exclusive wallpapers for every contact in your contacts list.


With a myriad of outstanding features, one of the most important benefits is that this one that has known as the GB version of WhatsApp is secure to use.


If our opinion is taken into consideration, we think GB WhatsApp Pro is the most efficient version of WhatsApp. There are several other versions of WhatsApp that were developed by different developers and incorporations, but this one is the most effective version to date.

However, as regards security concerns, it is stated that WhatsApp has stated that the current version and any subsequent version aren’t operated by official officials. Hence, any privacy concerns regarding data are not the sole responsibility of officials.

If you believe that there’s no personal information of yours to share with others, then you should definitely opt for that version of WhatsApp.


Q: Is it true that the same GB WhatsApp is accessible on Google Play Store?

It’s not true, you can download I on our website by using the link we provide.

Q: Does GB WhatsApp cost-free?

It is indeed absolutely free to download.

Q: Does GB WhatsApp an extension of WhatsApp?

This isn’t from WhatsApp. It is the official WhatsApp.Download the button

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