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Garena Free Fire Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds, Health, And Aimbot) online gaming titles. Garena is designed to be an online RPG (role-playing game) and browser game, similar to World of Warcraft or World of Warcraft.

Garena is different in that it does not have a World of Warcraft-style ‘gear’ system but instead relies on its own customizable combat system. It was inspired by both classic and modern shoots em-ups, including those produced by Rare, Retroactive, and Radical Spectrum.

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Garena Free Fire Apk

Garena Free Fire apk is a type of application that allows players to construct their own character and load in game content from within Google’s Android marketplace. The actual Garena Free Fire program uses an “APK” format that is signed by Garena and can be installed through the Android Market application.

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Unique Features

Garena Free Fire has similarities to many popular online games, such asroid, Linea I & II and others. It also has its own unique features, such as: building abilities that affect gameplay, ability to change your character, and the ability to purchase Garena shells that are required in-game. The in-game Garena shells can be acquired through Garena crafting, by purchasing them from the Garena shop after unlocking their use, or through other means.

Dedicated Server

A major difference between Garena Free Fire and other similar games is that it requires you to play the game on a “dedicated server” – meaning that you’re playing the game on a Google-owned or Google Play-approved location instead of using your standard mobile device. This is achieved through a process that gives players a pop-up window that presents them with a choice between a mobile version of the game or an “outbound” website.

Garena Shells

Players then have two options: continue where they left off on the dedicated server, or play on their mobile device where the Garena Free Fire application will appear.

If they choose to play on their mobile device, they must navigate a series of screens and answer several questions in order to unlock the Garena shell and begin using it. Players must remain on their mobile device throughout the entire game to earn points and build up their Garena experience; failure to do so results in a loss of points and Garena shells, which can only be recovered at higher levels.

Mission For Players

In order to get free garena shells and earn points in the game, players must first select a survival shooting game, complete with a storyline that centers around a mission for players to complete.

After choosing a game, players must select a location in which to engage in the game play. Players can select a wide variety of landscapes from coastlines to large open plains. The landscape of the Garena Free Fire version is randomly generated each time a player loads up the game; however, the same landscape is used no matter what type of game is chosen.

Collection Of Weapons

After choosing a location to battle in the Garena Free Fire, players are presented with three different tabs from which they can choose a gun, a blade, or a bow to fight back against the zombies who are swarming all over the city.

The bow and blade tab features a collection of weapons that can be used to combat the zombies. Each weapon has a distinct advantage over the other, as well as special abilities that increase the effectiveness of using the weapon. These abilities include healing, boosting the odds of getting a kill, or providing additional ammunition or health when they are used.

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Free Fire mod apk

The third tab in the Garena Free Fire mod apk will allow players to find the various locations throughout the city where a gun or blade can be obtained.

The zombies can only be killed by using either a gun or a blade, and the survivor is only allowed one life to live. Once the player has used up their allotted life, they have to move on before they start to lose health. A small icon will appear on the screen to indicate that the player needs to obtain a weapon before they continue.

Single Player Version

The Garena Free Fire mod apk gives players a chance to experience the same intense combat that the single player version offers, but it also adds a bit more to the weapons and characters available during gameplay. As the player progresses through the different levels, they will unlock better weapons that will be useful in the battle.

New characters are also unlocked as you complete each level. There is an unlockable character called the Marshal that can help players fight off the undead with an axe. There is also an unlockable cowboy hat-like character called the Big Daddies that can assist in combat.

Target Zombies

In addition to the new weapons and characters available, the Garena Free Fire hack also adds a new cheat which allows you to target zombies that are close to your character without using the auto-aim function. This can be very helpful in certain sections of the game as it enables you to take down groups of zombies quickly without wasting your time aiming at the weak ones.

Facebook version

The Garena Free Fire mod apk has been designed to work flawlessly with the Facebook version of the game, as well as the version available through Steam. This means that all users who have both versions of the game should find it to be equally enjoyable. If you are interested, you can download the Garena Free Fire Mod right away and get started on your zombie killing spree today!

Unlimited Diamonds and Coins

Also known as Free Fire, Garena Free Fire APK Mod Unlimited Diamonds and Coins for long-term offline play after the official servers have been shut down. Bring your friends together with Free Fire – the ultimate 3D shooter game on mobile. Join regular battles or fight to the death in real-time tournaments against players from all over the world! Upgrade your weapons with only the best gun parts, battle your way up the leaderboards and claim your trophy.

Garena Free Fire Apk Download

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Download free fire apk mod v1.68.1.  Unlimited gems, rofls and diamonds, unlimited energy generator and lots of other features, this game is similar to Pubg mobile but with a lot more hack that gives you advantage over your enemies. Join the most exciting FPS shooter game – Garena Free Fire. Millions of players are already enjoying the adrenaline of this shooting game with no recoil and unlimited diamonds in their android phones,

The Resources

Garena Free Fire APK MOD Unlimited Money Diamonds 2018. Play and enjoy the entertainment game very easily by only one click, no root and jailbreak needed! All the resources in the garena free fire give you unlimited opportunities to gain a lot of resources to win in this game. The aim of this Free Fire is to become the last survivor player, survive as long as possible in a shooter game with weapon against many other players.

Third Person Shooter

Free Fire Mod Apk is the latest game from developers of Garena. This game is based on third person shooter which is released in March 2017. Just like other shooting game which allow players to team up with some friend and kill their enemies but this game also has a unique feature.

Free Fire Mod Apk is a shooting game with over 300 million players ! Play the top 3 Shooting Game of the world. With new maps and new weapons, this version of free fire mod apk comes with even more excitement than the previous one! If you are looking for an epic army to build with unlimited weapons and unlimited diamonds, Free Fire Mod Apk is the best cheat ever. This Mod will help you earn unlimited in-game currency.

Multiplayer Battle

Free Fire mod apk is an online multiplayer battle royal video game developed by Tencent Games (the same as PUBG). In the land of Tera, unrest has sparked a deadly war between Humans and Demons. Players will enjoy being able to explore various real-time breathtaking environments, creating a strong atmosphere that brings players the ultimate FPS entertainment experience!

As a free-to-play mobile FPS, Garena Free Fire has a lot of players in its community. However, some are already bored with it or want to reach higher levels faster. The player search for boosting service in the internet then someone is going to cheat and earning money from game.


Free Fire is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Supercell as part of the Versus Royale series. The 25-player battle royale game has players fighting against each other until one is left standing, with weapons ranging from pistols to sniper rifles.


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