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Garena Free Fire is a unique free fire fighting game, based on the story of The Lord of the Rings. Garena has been conquering the World Wide Web with its exciting free games such as Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire was released in November of 2018 and has been receiving rave reviews from both players and critics.

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Garena Free Fire

If you are looking for great free games on Google play, Garena Free Fire is definitely worth checking out. Let’s dive into the Garena Free Fire review and discover why Garena Free Fire is one of the best free games to download from the Google play app store.

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Tower Defense

Garena Free Fire is not just another boring tower defense game. Unlike many other RTS games in the past, Garena Free Fire offers both an exciting combat simulator as well as a solid strategy game to play. The combat part is truly thrilling.

Garena Uses

Garena uses a unique tower defense system, where you can build towers and protect them from waves of attacking robots. When the waves of attacking robots grow too big, a counter is triggered, and the game shifts into the tower defense mode, where you must defend the towers against waves of robotic robots.

Many Points

During the gameplay of Garena Free Fire on your mobile device, you will be able to see a map on the bottom right corner of your screen, which will show all of the levels that you have beaten so far. To move your castle to the next level, you will need to highlight it on the map.

You can see all of the available castles on the left side of the screen and will be able to see how many points each castle contains, as well as whether or not there are power-ups on the level.

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The first type of weapon you can acquire in Garena Free Fire is the ax. This weapon is very effective for taking down smaller targets, such as the smaller robots that are floating around in the lower levels of the game. The ax has two different attack patterns, allowing you to switch between a quick attack and a slower, harder striking attack.

Attacking Method

The slow attacking method is more suited for when you are protecting the larger castles in the game. There are also special attacks you can learn in this game that allow you to target specific enemy units, damaging them greatly without actually having to damage your own robot.

Free Fire Max

One of the best ways to play Garena Free Fire max on your mobile device is by playing the single-player campaign, which gives you a chance to put the game to the test. In the campaign, you act as the leader of your team, controlling everything from movement and units to even the weather.

Waves of Enemies

Throughout the levels, you have to fight off waves of enemies and robots who want to attack your base. Although it seems easy, the real difficulty comes in when you are trying to defend your base against waves of robots who have guns equipped to tear through any walls you have!

Type of Weapon

The second type of weapon available to Garena Free Fire Max players is the bow. Although the bow might not be very accurate or powerful compared to the other weapons you can purchase, it is still very useful for taking down groups of weaker robots. There are three archers in total, each with their own special ability.

With each ability, you can either shoot at the closest enemy, shoot and attack multiple enemies at once, or move to a strategic location to eliminate large groups of foes.

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Redeem Codes

To put Garena Free Fire to the test, the players had better use the bow, as well as use the ranged weapons effectively. Garena offers four different difficulties levels to play with, ranging from easy to challenging.

It is very possible that playing Garena could earn you hundreds of dollars and redeem codes that will unlock more game modes and characters. In fact, it is even possible to play Garena with other members from other social networking communities such as Facebook and Twitter.


Garena Free Fire is definitely a game that everyone should check out. The unique action-packed combat that this game has, along with its interesting and fun storyline, plus the fun-filled free shooting modes, make Garena Free Fire one of the best multiplayer browser games around.

If you love fighting with cartoon figures and battling robots in your browser games, then Garena Free Fire is definitely a game that you should check out. Garena is also offering two different versions of the game: Free Fire Royale and Garena Free Fire Classic.

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