Garena Contra Returns Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited ammo)

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Garena Contra returns! This time, gamers get to take on Garena as they embark on missions to eliminate their enemies. This is one of the most unique and exciting games on Google Play. It is highly recommended for those people who love action-packed games!

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Garena Contra Returns

Garena Contra returns in all its classic mode! Garena tries to save her father from a band of pirates who want to rule the ocean. There are many secret codes found in this game and you have to find them and use them to open the door that will lead you to the next level. The great thing about Garena Contra Returns is that it comes with a secret code that enables you to unlock everything.

Futuristic setting

Garena Contra Returns has an almost futuristic setting which gives it a cool and futuristic feel. The background and the graphics look very natural. This is evident from the different character models which are also very distinct looking.

The fighting is intense and there is a heavy emphasis on speed and maneuverability. There are two different difficulty settings for this game: Easy and Normal. This ensures that people with different playing skill levels can enjoy this classic game with relative ease.

Great sound effects

Garena Contra Returns has great sound effects and visual effects. The game company did not let the technical issues stop Garena Contra Returns from becoming one of the best Android game companies. With the help of a powerful code scanner, you can unlock the secrets of Garena Contra Returns and start searching for buried treasure.

Save the galaxy

Garena Contra returns as the hero, Blue, who must save the galaxy again after receiving a mysterious distress signal. To do so, she embarks on an intergalactic odyssey aided by a mysterious warriorroid called Master Garena.

Together they find that the reason for the distress signal is that an evil space pirate has planted a device on the planet called the Death Seed. The evil is believed to be coming from the mysterious location called Beneath the Planet.

Relia transforms Garena

When Garena, disguised as a warriorroid goes to Beneath the Planet, she meets up with a warrior android named Relia who wishes to help her. Relia transforms Garena into a PVP monster known as ‘GG.’ This means that Garena can now transform into a monster that fights using PVP-style moves.

Special moves

This style of move involves special moves like grabs, throws, and crushing attacks. Relia also gives Garena a new ability known as Fleet which allows her to teleport herself and everyone else in the area she is located to safety. These skills make Garena a prized member of the winning team and earn her the rank of Jedi Knight.

Wars Knights

The storyline of Garena Contra returns pretty much the same as the first mod pack for Star Wars Knights of the Galactic Republic. Aboard the Tantive IV, Garena and Relia must defend the planet from a fleet of droid starships led by none other than Darth Vader himself. However, it turns out Vader isn’t after the peace on earth and he wants to rule alone.

Ultimate prize

In order to stop Vader from winning the ultimate prize in his quest to become the ultimate Dark Lord of the Sith, Garena must use her newfound abilities and acquire the skill of a Jedi Knight. This requires buying the all-inclusive Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Pack which includes three premium editions:

Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Pack 2, and the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Collector’s Edition.


Garena can be obtained from the in-game marketplace for nine hundred and sixty-nine silver credits. This bundle includes a jump ship, two ion stones, three Republic Holidays, a droid companion, and a hero package, which grants a double damage boost and increases healing effects.

This gives her an extremely powerful edge over Vader and ensures that she is the ultimate weapon in the hands of any Jedi Knight. This anniversary version of Garena is the perfect way for you to play as the iconic Padawan.

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