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From the Sea consists of many different elements, including historical events as well as multiple choices. From the Sea has many options for those who want to get into the action from the start. From the Sea gives players all the feeling of actually being involved in the political conflict of the archipelago, building up military power in North Korea, battling pirates in the Caribbean, and eventually winning the global war on terror. If you’re looking for an online game that brings all the above emotions, then this game is just for you.

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Garena Contra Returns Apk

From the Sea has a story that runs parallel with the actual events that unfold. As a matter of fact, you basically play the part of a Japanese admiral during the World War II. You will have to make many decisions, fight battles, and also complete various quests throughout the course of your mission. Although it does have an unlimited amount of quests and battles, it also has a limited amount of enemy bases to destroy during combat.

Various aircraft

Throughout From the Sea you can take on various aircraft. Some of them are long-range attack aircraft, medium-range combat aircraft, transport aircraft, as well as anti-submarine aircraft. Each of these aircraft has special characteristics associated with them that will help you in achieving your goals while playing the game.

Carry troops

For example, transports can often be used to carry troops and vehicles from one area to another, while attack aircraft will be best used to take out enemy vessels and destroy their ports. Anti-submarine aircraft are best used to sink larger enemy vessels or sunk more than two enemy submarines.

Multiplayer games

From the Sea has a number of multiplayer games including the traditional war games where you take on the role of a battleship and destroy enemy vessels. You can also play the scenario in which you have to rescue your friend who was taken away by the enemy. In addition you can play games against other players where you try to destroy each other’s aircraft carriers. This type of game is referred to as multiplayer battle in the gaming world.

Sea modifies

From the Sea modifies the gameplay in many ways. It gives you the ability to set up a battleship, transport or aircraft carrier, and battle against other players. As you can imagine, From the Sea mod adds a whole new dimension to playing the game and will help you to expand your knowledge of how real military conflicts are fought. The mod also features an amazingly detailed aircraft carrier, which you can use to transport troops and vehicles to different theaters of war.

Gain more control

As the game progresses you will gain more control over your carrier, and later during World War I you will even be able to use it to sink enemy cruisers and destroy enemy shipping lanes to bring supplies into your areas. As you battle across the seas in World War I, you will fight against the German navy, the French navy and the British Empire.

Sea modpack

From the Sea modpack comes with two single player missions, one of which puts you in control of the main German force and the other puts you in command of the Italian navy. While fighting your enemies you will need to make use of your destroyer, submarine and fighter planes in order to successfully complete your mission.

Mod features

From the Sea mod features a comprehensive combat system that includes destructible objects and highly realistic graphics. In fact, you may find the graphics a little too detailed at times. But on the whole, From the Sea mod is a highly addictive mod for all those interested in simulating battles at sea.

Sea’s customization

As part of From the Sea’s customization, you will be able to adjust the game’s variables including the speed of your ships, the range of their firing range and the time it takes for them to reload. If you are using an air-to-air missile you can also choose between a laser or a missile.


If you opt to use a submarine instead of an aircraft, you will be given the chance to experience a bit more realism as your destroyers will engage enemy craft with lock-on missiles and mines. If you would rather play a naval battle in World War II then you will have the opportunity to do so as the game offers a historical recreation of this conflict.


From the Sea mod takes the best of all worlds to create an action game that is both entertaining and extremely realistic. The game plays well enough so that even if you haven’t played other RTS games before, From the Sea will be quite sufficient to entertain you. If you have never played an RTS before, From the Sea mod should prove to be very enjoyable. If you happen to be an Android user who enjoys downloading new apps on a regular basis, then From the Sea may be just what you are looking for.

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