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Welcome to Funny Man Choice Story the strangest dating simulation game. The guy is a lovable comic book hero and the girl he loves is a cut above the rest in intelligence, wit, and overall quality of life. But he is a little confused and does not know how to capture the heart of the girl he loves.

Well, the girl has a crush on the funny guy as well, but she is reluctant to let him know it because of his attitude. The funny guy needs a best friend with a huge brain, of course!

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Funny Man Choice Story

This is a free online dating simulation game for people of any age, however, if you have the patience for online puzzle games then this game will be quite enjoyable for you. You will have to complete lots of different challenges before you get to the final level.

Diamond Packages

Funny Man Choice Story is available in three versions; the basic, premium and diamond packages. With each version, you are given lots of different challenges which involve getting the girl from room to room. Unlocking all the rooms gives you a total of 14 different challenges that can be played in order to complete your game.

Interesting Challenges

The basic package will give you lots of interesting challenges which are quite easy to complete. The diamond package contains more of everything that the basic package has plus some extra ones for even more fun. There is a level designed specifically for those who want to get the most out of this game, and it includes five challenging rooms.

These are rooms where you have to solve the puzzle and have a lot of fun along the way. Unlocking every room gives you a total of 24 challenging puzzles which are all fun to complete and to get the beautiful lady as well.

Number of Clues

Each room in the game has a number of clues that have to be used to make your way to the next area. This can include items that the girls love and objects that are needed to complete various puzzles. FunnyMan Choice Story contains a number of different items that can be used to help the clever man in solving his problems.

Some of these items consist of a frying pan, a glass of wine, and an apple. There are also other fun things that can be used to help the game along.

Girls Helping

The first part of the game involves the girls helping you through every stage of the game. The funny thing about this is that you actually need to help them through each stage. This requires a lot of problem-solving which you will have to do with the help of the items that you are to find and with the help of the different puzzles.

Limited Number

The problem is that you only have a limited number of tries before you run out of time for the next area. There are also other things like power-ups that can be used at certain times during the game in order to help you make your puzzle-solving faster.

Word of Warning

A word of warning though is that the number of tries that you have is limited. In order to unlock more rooms, you will have to find all the hidden items within that particular area. In order to speed up the whole process, you can use the quick-change items which are provided for you by the author.

There is also another funny thing about the funny man choice story mod. You will get to see some scenes from all the different films that have been remade for the purpose of using this game.


If you have fond memories from your childhood with your friends then you will certainly love playing this amazing game. Your only task in this one is to help the cute main character complete his mission while earning money at the same time. There are many levels that you can play on.

The first level of the game has a great introduction as well as a great ending. The last level of the game also offers you something new to play. There are also many secrets to discover which will give you even more gaming fun.


So if you are looking for a free puzzle arcade and an incredible adventure game then you will surely love Funny Man Choice Story. This is the kind of game that will really bring back good old childhood memories. It is a great family-friendly game that will entertain you even when you are not playing it. The author of the game has managed to bring a lot of nostalgia into this one.

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