Funkin Music Battle Official Mod Character Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

The F Funkin Music Battle Official Mod Character is a cool mod for Facebook that really packs a punch. Developed by Zynga, the F Funkin Music Battle Official Mod Character has everything you would want in a battle game: multi-player, giant boss battles, music collection, and much more.

The official website has full instructions and a quick video walkthrough on how to get started. The character can be downloaded immediately after installing the F Funkin Music Battle Official Mod Character Mod Apk package. Included are 4 easy-to-use sound packs so you know just what kind of music to use during your fights.

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Funkin Music Battle Official Mod Character

The first step is to pick the music you want to play during your F Funkin Music Battle Mod Apk sessions. A good way to start is by sorting your friends into categories like “fights”, “music plays”, and “friends”.

From there, you can set up playlists of different lengths that can vary depending on the number of players in your group. If you want a challenging battle, set the difficulty to tougher than normal. The downside here is that you may lose a player if he or she gets careless and triggers a fight.

You should also set up your own playlist so that you don’t have to get used to the same songs and tunes playing for everyone else in your group. Just go to your player preferences and get them loaded! The YouTube videos will help you with this.

Music Battle

Now, get your player loaded up! Visit the F Funkin Music Battle Mod Apk official Facebook page and click the “amelet” link at the bottom of the player. You’ll get a code to enter in order to play. These codes change each week so you may want to bookmark the page to keep it organized. Be sure to add the page to your playlists if you plan on using them!

When you get down to it, the real challenge of this mod is not really the music battles themselves. It’s more the fact that you can only select so many songs to play during a battle. If you run out of music to play, you have to reload the page and try again.

If you run out of songs to play during a battle, you have to reload the page and select from the remaining playlists. That’s assuming you have an Internet connection and a web browser that supports flash movies (which most browsers do).

Music Battle Strategies

To make it easy on yourself, check out some F Funkin Music Battle strategies on various F Funkin Music Battle review sites. There are a lot of cool ways you can set up your music playlists and even some cool ways to mix your songs up! See how you can put together some of your favorites and create your own unique music playlists for each battle. You don’t have to use only one song, but two or three if you want to. It’s totally up to you.

If you’re going to try out the mod, you might as well use the F Funkin Music Battle officially. It’s free and it’s just one click away. Just search for it in the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser and you should find it. If you don’t know where it is, just search for it on YouTube and it should have the link you need.

Download Page

There are also links on the download page that will take you to the F Funkin Music Battle installer. All you need to do after that is to click “Yes” to everything the installer asks you to do. I’d like to point out one last thing about this mod. Although there are a lot of videos showing people playing the F Funkin Music Battle Mod Apk in various ways, one of the most fun ways is just to listen to the music through the speakers.


This is very convenient because you can preview the songs through headphones and feel almost like you’re partying to the songs without even using the mod. The download page also has instructions for this, too. Just follow them and you should be all set to rock the battle with F Funkin Music Battle Mod Apk music playlists!


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