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Fruity Loot has been one of the most talked about games on Facebook. This fun little flash game has been getting rave reviews from users everywhere for its attention-grabbing concept and exciting gameplay. Fruity Loot also features a treasure-hunt type game where you must locate all the different fruits in a level filled with many obstacles. Here are Fruity Loot Apks to help you get started with Fruity Loot.

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Fruity Loot features

Fruity Loot features an original free puzzle game where you have to match 3 or more fruits with a picture in each panel of the Free Play panel to unlock panels. Fruity Loot uses a simple layout which makes it very easy to learn but equally difficult to master. There are several levels to play on, and once you progress to the next level there are more advanced levels too.

Difficult Challenges

Each level features progressively more difficult challenges as you advance to the next. As you progress through the various levels you will uncover new fruits to use in the free puzzle game. Some fruits allow you to jump or slide and some don’t so you need to think out of the box to find the right fruit for the job.

Unlock The Panel

To unlock the panel with the free fruity loot, click on the appropriate icon on the bottom left corner of the Free Play panel. On the second page of the Free Play panel you will find a pie chart with 3D pictures of different fruits placed in various spots. Select any fruit you like to see if it fits into that particular location on the pie chart. You can rotate the images around to see which ones fit into which positions.

Applying Effect

Fruity Loot features a simple one screen layout with only a small number of options but the feature is quite powerful. You can even customize your fruit choices by applying effects or colors to your chosen fruits.

The customization features let you personalize the Free Play panel by selecting various pieces and applying them to the board. You can change the background by using a fade in/out effect and apply a graphic to the pie chart. You can change the game’s features to suit your needs by unlocking special features.

Match 3 puzzles

Fruitless Loot features an all-new Free Match 3 puzzles that are just as enjoyable as the original Free Match games that you played in the past. The new Free Match 3 games offer charming characters with funny voices and brilliant graphics that will surely attract kids.

Cool Booster

One cool booster that you can buy with Fruity Loot includes cute little chicks that are always watching over a fruitless hunter. The little chicks are part of a fruitless quest that involves searching the jungle for more delicious fruits. Other boosters include cute little puppies that eagerly await your arrival with a wish that will grant them the chance to climb up to the tree to collect the prize-winning fruits.

Line of Board Games

Fruity Loot features a whole line of board games and fruit games for kids. If you’re looking for an amazing summer activity for kids, you should definitely check out Fruity Loot. This exciting mod will help kids explore fruitastic adventures through a cool mod apk.

Fun Fruit

Fruity Loot allows kids to choose from an assortment of fun fruit matching games, including the popular and ever-popular Fruity Patch. With an easy to operate interface, Fruity Loot has everything your kids need to enjoy the hottest and most relaxing summer activity you’ve ever played.

Modified APPS

When you’re done with Fruity Loot, your child can easily download any of the hundreds of modified APPS (aptitudes supported programs) that will make playing the game even more fun and exciting. With an average download time of only 15 minutes, your child doesn’t have to wait too long to have fun! You may also choose to purchase the Fruity Loot desktop wallpaper to use as your desktop background or as a part of your laptop’s desktop background.

Fruity Loot can also be used on the Fruity Loot mobile version for kids to explore fruitastic adventures while having loads of fun on the go. Mobile versions have even more ways for your child to have loads of fun.

Galacticraft Candy Dish

What’s even better than all this? Because it’s an updated and completely revamping version of the original Fruity Loot, this newest version includes over 60 all new levels, a brand new unlockable fruit pack, and the all-new seasonal fruits. Plus, all the classic favorites from Fruity Loot such as the My Fruity Loot pack, the Candy Barn Fruit Machine, and the Galacticraft Candy Dish are here in all their glory.


With all these levels and all new features, Fruity Loot really is just what you need to keep your child’s interest and have loads of fun on the go. Try out this newest game from Funzoo and see why Fruity Loot has been playing such a big role in the internet world.

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