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Fruit Ninja is an extremely popular game on the Android Market. You can easily download Fruit Ninja for free, and a paid mod will grant you full access to a wide arsenal of powerful weapons. Fruit Ninja classic is already a great test for your reflex and timing, and its advanced graphical effects have already been enjoyed by millions of users. If you’re thinking of getting your own Fruit Ninja mod, here’s what you need to know. What’s so great about Fruit Ninja?

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Fruit Ninja Apk

First of all, the Fruit Ninja mod apk contains all the features of the original game. Fruit Ninja has four different play styles, including the “normal” game mode which gives you unlimited lives and five difficulty levels. You can also try the “easy” and “hyper” modes to challenge yourself. In addition, you can always revert back to the original one if you want to.

Special Functions

Fruit Ninja allows you to swipe your finger across the screen to perform special functions such as cutting up a fruit or throwing it into a tower. Different fruits have different properties and can be used to attack more effectively. When playing fruit ninja, you must use the right type of bomb to beat your high scores. Each level has a timer which tells you how long you have to reach a certain number of fruit in order to clear it and move on to the next level.

Best Features

One of the best features of Fruit Ninja is its leader, Shikai, which allows you to continually perform the same action regardless of how many enemies are approaching you. You must use a series of quick slaps to slash and shatter your way through all the levels. However, you can only slash in a straight line; a side step will cause you to lose control of the game and you must regain control before continuing. This is the main difference between the normal version and the unlimited version, where you can move horizontally, not vertically.


Fruit Ninja allows you to play the game online for free. However, you can only try it for free for three minutes each day. The gameplay involves an endless series of fruit smashing in various positions to score points. Fruit Ninja is available in both iPhone and iPad versions for free, while the game is completely free on Google Play and App Store for Android users. The game is very simple to pick up, with simple controls allowing you to quickly score a perfect six or seven slices in a row in order to win the game.

Swift Movements

The controls of Fruit Ninja are simple, requiring swift movements and quick reflexes. The player is allowed to slice a selected fruit with a mace, sword, or a shield in order to score points. Each fruit has a set of four blades, which must be hit in a specific sequence in order to score points. The player is also allowed to activate a bomb that will drop a randomly selected fruit in front of them when the blade is released. The game is over when all of the fruits are dropped, at which point the remaining blades must be used to continue scoring.

Detect Movement

One of the most interesting aspects of Fruit Ninja is its ability to detect movement. When a player takes their finger and starts their Fruit Ninja off, it automatically begins to detect movement. If an object is moved within a certain distance from where the finger was initially located, a warning message will appear, indicating that another fruit is coming soon.

Their Finger

This results in the user having to constantly move their finger away from the screen in order to avoid accidentally slashing at an object. This can become frustrating at times, especially since the game does not allow the user to select which object to slash at.


Although Fruit Ninja may be one of the easiest games on the planet, it can still be quite frustrating at times. The lack of ability to specify which objects to target makes the game tedious at best, but it also can result in some extremely high scores if you manage to perfect your slashing technique. Fruit Ninja is available for free online and can easily be found by searching for it on any number of search engines. Try it out for yourself and set your targets on the highest possible scores!

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