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The Fruit Garden Farm is among the most exciting apps for both iPhones and iPod Touch, providing a unique combination of farm-life simulation and fun. By fully unlocking all the features contained in this game, you will be able to fully experience the joys of having your very own farm. The Fruit Garden Farm is set on a virtual farm and it will help you grow and nurture a variety of crops depending on the kind of vegetables you wish to cultivate.

The more crops you have, the more money you will earn. Here are a few of the main features that you should check out and explore when downloading Fruit Garden Farm:

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Fruit Garden Farm Apk

Increase Your Harvest Speed: When harvesting fruits, your farm will automatically reduce the number of fruits to be picked and replanted each day. However, if you want to increase your yield immediately, you can adjust the harvesting speed. With Fruit Garden Farm, you can increase or decrease the amount of fruits per day depending on how fast you want to do things. To get the best results, try increasing the harvest speed at night. Fruit production is maximized at night.

Fruit Products Match-3

Fruit Products Match-3: You can customize your fruit garden farm apk so that it matches the characters in your screen. You can easily select your character, change their clothing, hairstyle and much more with the use of the Fruit Garden Farm apk. In this particular iPhone and iPod Touch app, you will be able to find hundreds of different fruit varieties. Each of them has their own description, as well as a photo to match their appearance in your screen.

Break Ice Cubes

Break Ice Cubes: Fruit Products such as apples, bananas, kiwi, mango and many others are just waiting to be smashed with your fruit garden Farm breaking machine. Fruit by Numbers is a unique new invention from the developers of Fruit Garden Farm. This time, you do not have to use the old method of breaking down the fruits using a hammer.

Fruit by Numbers will teach you how to use the newest technology that is currently used by professionals to break large numbers of fruits with one shot. Fruit by Numbers will let you see how easy it is to break ice cubes and other fruits that are found at cafes and restaurants using a special machine invented by the developers of Fruit Garden Farm.

Make Match Lines

Make Match Lines: Fruit by Numbers is a game that you cannot resist playing. It is a new cute and funny game that can only be played using your iPhone. Fruit by Numbers is like an amazing new alphabetical game that will help your little kids learn how to spell. The objective is to make fit right and perfect make lines of three different fruits or objects on the screen. Fruit by Numbers is definitely something that is a must buy for your little kids and even for your little adults.

Fruit Garden Farm

Fruit Garden Farm: Train your child in the ways of the real farmers. Fruit Garden Farm is a great iPhone application which teaches your child how he/she can become a real farmer too. Fruit Garden Farm is an amazing puzzle game that will surely captivate your little minds. Fruit Garden Farm is the second version of Fruit Farm and uses a new cute story that revolves around 3 new characters.

The story of Fruit Garden Farm is about 3 old women who are stuck in an old farmhouse and they are looking for a way to escape to the real world. With Fruit Garden Farm, your kids will surely learn how to solve real-life problems through their natural gifts and intelligence.

Fruit Escape

Fruit Escape: This is another amazing game for your little ones. Fruit Escape is very much like the classic escape games in which your child has to find all the objects and figure out how to combine them into useful tools to make his escape.

In this game, you have to find all the missing peaches and cut apples and use them wisely to make the path through the room and reach the exit door. Fruit Escape is a very simple and easy iPhone application where your child can have loads of fun learning the ropes. Fruit Escape features an amazing array of 3D graphics and fantastic sound effects to keep your little brains stimulated till the end.


Fruit Garden Farm: Train your children in various skills using their natural gifts & intelligence. Fruit Garden Farm is a unique blend of physics and real life farming techniques. You may think that it is just about planting trees and watching them grow, but this application takes the real life farming experience to a whole new level.

Fruit Garden Farm includes a large variety of crops and animals that can be used to provide your farm with all the raw materials it needs. With the endless balancing acts, endless harvesting opportunities and cute characters & addictive gameplay, Fruit Garden Farm is a perfect blend of entertainment and learning.

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