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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is an Action-Packed Free iPhone and iPad Game! This high-stakes, ‘licks’ based,’Gunn-buster’ style game has been redesigned from the ground up for the modern mobile generation. Featuring an original storyline, all new gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and an addictive game play, the long wait is finally over. Join the Resistance – Alpha Team and discover the shocking truth behind this gripping tale when you’re ready to put your combat skills to the test.

Frontline Commando

Originally developed as an free to play FPS action game for Android on the Samsung Galaxy S4, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is now available on the iOS App Store. The award-winning game was re-developed by the award-winning team at Visight Interactive, a Vancouver, Canada based developer firm that has worked with some of the world’s top designers.

Cover fire’

They expertly crafted the all new ‘cover fire’ gameplay that is sure to keep you coming back for more. In this free vid, we take a look at some of the critical story missions and what this modern combat shooter has to offer for mobile gamers. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the levels:

Viral outbreak

As part of a viral outbreak, a virus has infected the human population of New York City. You’re part of an international resistance group fighting against this virus. Your mission is to protect the human race using a series of weapons and tactics including a powerful, portable anti-airballoon device and a mounted gun. Use a series of powerful tools as you fight to overcome waves of enemy soldiers. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour offers a multiplayer mode in which you can pit your wits against the top gamers from around the world.

Modern Combat 4

In the game of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, you’ll be able to re-create famous battles or battle scenes from the movies such as Rambo, Kill Bill, etc. You will be able to use iconic devices such as the Stinger, laser pointers, and holographic sights. With an iOS app, you can easily access the latest news about the World Wide Web and be prepared with your own modern combat 4 : zero hour apk download. In this new chapter, be prepared to save the world and prevent the destruction of Earth.

Modern weapons

Using modern weapons and tactics, you are to take command of every level of battle. Be sure to utilize every weapon correctly as the combat is intense and chaotic. However, mastering the various weapons and skills will prove essential as you are to conserve energy, resources and lives of your enemy soldiers. As you progress through the campaign, you will be taught how to use a variety of multiplayer actions including gun shooting, vehicle combat, sniping, and more.

First-person shooter

This exciting first-person shooter for mobile devices is powered by the advanced technology of the xe platform, which has been specifically designed to offer users the best gaming experience. You can play the campaign in single player mode or take on the multi-player battle in co-op mode.

Challenging levels

There are numerous challenging levels in the single player mission that will let you hone your shooting skills using the provided weapons upgrades. Moreover, the Android edition of the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour offers users the option of changing the game’s difficulty level according to their taste. Moreover, you can also purchase additional accessories and gear using your Android device.

Multi-player mode

The multi-player mode in this exciting first-person shooter will let you pit your wits against waves of the enemy soldiers. In this mission, you will have to defeat the waves of enemy soldiers sent to attack your fortress. You can choose to fight against the computer-simulated enemies, or engage waves of real military personnel who have been dispatched to quell unrest among your own ranks. Although your ultimate goal is to prevent nuclear war, you will also have to prevent the enemy from crossing into your territories and occupying your cities.


The excellent combat mechanics of this first person shooter offer users an exhilarating gameplay that they will not find in other similar games. Even though the enemies may be armed with advanced weapons, you can eliminate them quickly using your precision-guided weapons. Likewise, the vehicle combat allows you to shoot down enemy troops who are trying to seize control of your fortress. The various multiplayer modes will also provide you with hours of fascinating gameplay as you fight to subdue the terrorists and prevent them from dominating your land. In just an hour, you can enjoy this exciting modern combat 4: Zero Hour adventure.

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