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Food Gang is an award winning side-scrolling arcade game. You play the role of various fruits and vegetables, and any other objects which can only be eaten as a result of its use. Food Gang first appeared on the Android Market and was created by Hong Kong based developer Appsauce. This game follows the storyline of a boy named Lui, who thanks to a mysterious stranger for rescuing his father’s restaurant from bankruptSi

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Food Gang Mod

The game offers interesting and varied gameplay due to its simple layout. Playing is very simple, with players controlling either animals or plants by using the touch screen. Animals are easy to control, and you’ll fight off waves of zombies along the way as you struggle to keep the restaurant afloat. Plants are a little more challenging, requiring accurate timing and precise movements. In addition, this game offers a strong emphasis on the level of difficulty, as you fight through 14 unique levels to finally achieve the objective of saving Lui’s restaurant.

Food Gang Story

There are two modes available in Food Gang, Story and Multiplayer. Story mode is where you control one of your characters, and must maintain order and prevent the zombies from entering the restaurant. Players can also choose to play against each other in teams, creating a competitive edge against those with similar taste and strategies. Multiplayer mode offers a variety of challenges, allowing you to battle it out with your friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

Human opponents

In Food Gang, you can fight against all human opponents, as well as a couple of zombies and some machine aliens who are after your food stash. These enemies will continually attempt to attack your position, and when they reach your food stash, they will attack your characters too. There are a few different weapons available to you to help you fend off your opponents.


You can throw rocks at your opponents, freeze them, stomp on them, or toss napkins at them. The type of weapon you use depends on your situation, as some weapons are better for fighting multiple opponents, while others are best used on single opponents. Food Gang players can also customize their weaponry with parts obtained from the restaurant menu!

Food Gang gameplay

Another part of Food Gang gameplay involves using your team’s skills to take out your opponents. When you are down to a certain number of food, your teammates can help you defend the location you are in by fighting against the various invaders. The primary weapon used by your teammates in Food Gang matches is the restaurant utensil, which is used against machines and other alien invaders.

Advanced system

Food Gang uses an advanced system to track your position on the map, and once an enemy player enters the map, an icon appears on the screen to alert your team of the impending danger. When multiple players fight together against an opponent, their skills will generate waves of food that can destroy the opposing teams.

Food Gang members

Food Gang allows you to play as any of the following Food Gang members: Caesar, a pet pig; Stinky the Clownfish; Little Boots; Bikini Bunny; Cookie; and Chef Yang. Each character has its own special attack and special strategy, which makes them even more enjoyable to play with. As you progress through the game, you will encounter new characters like the evil boss, Mr. X, who wants to eat your brains! Fortunately, there are several ways to defend yourself in this fun action gameplay game as well.

New weapons

One of the best parts of Food Gang is its modding community. The game’s modding community has made an abundant of different items possible, including exciting new weapons and vehicles. If you’re looking for a good game that lets you have fun even after you’ve reached the end, then Food Gang is an excellent choice. The modding community has made a number of different changes over the course of updates and new releases, so if you’re looking for something new, try checking out the mod team’s work. For example, they have added new weapons, outfits, and more.


Food Gang continues to impress with its crazy characters, exciting gameplay, and great graphics. If you like your mobile games with a lot of heart, Food Gang might be your favorite game to download. If you want to see what all of the fuss is about with the modding community and if you think you have what it takes to be a chef in the kitchen, Food Gang is definitely for you!

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