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Flirt Puzzle game is an online dating simulation game, whereyou use your witty writer s wit to crack love puzzle to find your girlfriends and win her as your lover! Make her your lover by creating unique romantic combinations on the playing field. Access all kinds of bonuses and features by purchasing Flirt Puzzle. Choose from various themes to match your taste. Flirt Puzzle is a simple one-touch game, wherepress the space bar to attract the love interest of the girl of your choice.

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Flirt Puzzle

Flirt Puzzle features beautifully drawn cartoon art, whereyou get to decide the romance theme,and set the puzzle. Select the girls you would like to date from the available choices in the puzzle. These include the school group, office group, friends group, sibling group, and sports team. You can change the girls’ hairstyle, accessories, eyes, skin color etc. at any time, by clicking on the appearance selection panel.

Current Blushes

The game provides you with a list of current blushes, which show which girls are flirting with you. So you can plan your moves accordingly! Plan a secret meeting with one of the girls you like, and create endless memories with your girlfriend using Flirt Puzzle. You will be amazed by how easily you manage to lure the girls into your arms.

Flirt Puzzle Mod

Flirt Puzzle mod is an extremely entertaining and addictive game that can be played by adults as well as kids. Various girls from all across the globe have been hooked to Flirt Puzzle, and have been talking about it for years to their friends.


This game can be downloaded from the internet in a flash, without having to install any software. The whole process is very simple, and does not require much thinking, or quick thinking for that matter. Once you have mastered the technique, you will be able to make girls laugh like crazy!

Flirt Puzzle Consists

Flirt Puzzle consists of four girls, who are each given a name, and asked to complete various tasks in order to win the heart of the other girl. The task depends on the personality of the girls. For example, if a girl likes to be complimented, she will complete the task asking for a compliment. The girl who gets the most compliments will win the heart of the other girl!

Popcap Games

Flirt Puzzle was launched by Popcap Games, Inc, in 2005. This puzzle game is extremely fun to play, and the graphics show a high degree of care and dedication. A number of different versions of Flirt Puzzle have also been launched in the market.

Downloaded By Users

However, it is the version that has been downloaded by users that is liked by most people. Flirt Puzzle has been ranked number one in the category of the best puzzle games on mobile devices, and has been downloaded by more than ninety percent of the users!

Two Players

Flirt Puzzle can be played between two players. However, if you would like to get more friends to play with, you can also choose to play against them. All you have to do is click on the girl of your choice, and choose the play button. Your turn will be over after two minutes.

It is very easy to understand, and even girls who are not very good at playing games will have no problem with this one. Moreover, this game is free, so there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it!


Flirt Puzzle may be available for girls ages three to seven. Moreover, it can be played alone or with your friends. You will find many girls who like to play this puzzle game, as it has a nice design, and they are always happy when they solve a puzzle in it! In fact, it can easily be played while watching television, or reading a book. So, download Flirt Puzzle and give it a try today!

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