Flappy Dunk Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Cash)

Flappy Dunk is an addictive, ridiculous endless mode for both mobile and web platforms. Your objective in this endless game is to flap and touch your ball to a series of hoops located on the top of the screen. Please note: this game is NOT currently supported on the iPhone or Android platform. For a free version of this game please visit the official website at:

Flappy Dunk

This endless game comes with two variations: Endless Swish and Endless Rush. In Endless Swish, you have the option to use the keyboard arrow keys to make flapping motions or use your mouse to make constant swish motions.

Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the different levels. The harder levels include obstacles that you must avoid and the balls drop faster in the harder ones.

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Good Slice Apk

Flappy Dunk Mod Apk has two unlocked skins available. The first one is called Classic Logo. It’s the same design as the original app. The second skin is called Pro Challenges:

Classic Logo

Just like the Classic logo, the Pro Challenges skins will rotate in four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Pink. You earn points by making as many baskets as possible using flappy dunks. The Classic logo skin has two extra challenges within the app. The first one is called the Pro Dash! It challenges you to hit the hoops while being chased by an enemy.

Flappy Dunk Mod Apk on the web is similar to the mobile version. You’ll fly through the air just like in the online version. To dodge the hoops, you’ll have to tap at the right time. Tap your heels when you’re going up to block the ball. The easiest way to master the web version is to use the flappy dunk pc game on a Mac or PC.

The controls are simple. Swipe the left or right mouse button to boost up or slide under the hoop. Use the left or right arrows to flip through the hoops.

Hitting the middle of the board with three successive taps will trigger a spectacular high-five from the screen’s favorite NBA star, Lebron James. The PC version also includes a leader board where players can see who is tops in the rankings at the moment.

Encourage Users

There are many ads placed all over the game for every level. These ads encourage users to try again and earn more points. However, many of them force you to buy other items and gifts before you’re allowed to try another day.

In my opinion, this is very annoying. I don’t think there’s any reason why you have to pay money for a second chance. The game provides an unlimited amount of challenges for people who want to play the game without spending any money.

Some critics claim that the endless basketball hoops that you have to hit in order to win are too hard. However, many people enjoy playing this endless game. Most players take around 5 minutes to master the art of the flappy dunk Mod Apk. The game provides a great way to spend your idle time and has thousands of people playing it every day.

Different Challenges

Flappy Dunk comes with two different challenges that you can do to increase the score. The first challenge requires you to find the hidden database in order to unlock the secret to your success. The second challenge requires you to find all the missing feathers within a certain time period. The challenges will be available for free, so there’s no risk involved.

There are also several other hidden challenges to complete throughout the game. These challenges will require you to do an endless amount of jump spinning in order to complete them.

Achieving a challenge is not easy, but it’s one of the better things about Flappy Dunk Mod Apk. It can be quite frustrating when you’re trying to unlock the secret, but it will be rewarding when you get those winning goals.

Challenge System

Flappy Dunk comes with an interesting challenge system. The challenges revolve around increasing the scores by performing tricks and flipping the hoops. Some of these tricks include using the basketball through the top of the rim or getting to the basket without tapping the board.

The challenges will be available for free, and they will keep you playing until you have to restart the game. Each challenge mode also has its own leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing.


Overall, I really enjoyed the game and it’s one of the best games to play on Facebook because it’s great fun. It provides you with hours of amusement and it’s one of the best games to play if you like the idea of tricking and faking your way through levels in order to score points.

If you think you’d enjoy this kind of game, I would definitely recommend Flappy Dunk Mod Apk as your first choice for your next Facebook game.


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