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The wildly popular Japanese manga series Fist Of The North Star just got even more exciting! Enjoy the classic FotNDS story in high definition widescreen. FotNDS LEGENDS REMOVED recreates the amazing story of the beloved classic anime series right from the beginning. With over twenty years of experience, studio creates a one of a kind masterpiece in the form of FotNDS: Fist Of The North Star.

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Fist Of The North Star

The popular Japanese manga Fist Of The North Star has inspired many movies and television shows. From the start, the anime series was simply an amazing feat of drawing and visual artistry. The manga Fist Of The North Star was later turned into a Japanese OVA, and then an American release. So now, twenty years after the manga began, the long awaited sequel has finally arrived!

Japanese Manga Fist

The fan base for Fist Of The North Star is huge. There are many die-hard fans who have followed the story almost from the beginning, and some of those are creating their own versions of the story in the animation form. In this release, the animation has been improved greatly, and the spectacular artwork of the manga has been faithfully recreating. With this, Fist Of The North Star fans can finally experience the great, original story of the anime.

Different Routes

As with the previous games in the series, there are many different routes to take in-game. You can either play as Shinichi Chiaki, the main protagonist, or choose other supporting characters such as Mai Shiranui, Momo Hyoshin, or Katsuhiro Fujimoto. Each of the six playable characters has his/her own story to tell, and will help you in your journey to defeat Zamas. The game will also include two extra episodes, “Zamas Vs. Shinichi” and “Zamas’ Island”.

Mysterious Thieves

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter two new mysterious thieves called Theblers and Zamas. You’ll also meet some familiar faces from the first arc, such as Rihoko Aoi and Captain Gintaro Amakura. This is just a small amount of the exciting content included in Fist Of The North Star, and here’s a rundown of all the areas the game progresses in:

Sketches a picture

It seems that the mysterious thief known as Zamas is somehow connected to Fist Of The North Star. We see this connection when Shinichi needs help to defeat a few thieves, and he mentions Zamas’ name. The anime artist himself, Masamitsu sketches a picture of the thieves that appeared in the manga.

Thieves Association

Further proof is provided by the Thieves Association which is an international organization that Fist Of The North Star belongs to. On the other hand, it seems that Zamas could be the mastermind behind the whole Fist Of The North Star series, given that he makes a brief appearance in the very end of the last episode.

Yuusuke Tozawa

The anime and manga writer, Yuusuke Tozawa, has already stated that he wants Fist Of The North Star on PC to be similar to the old arcade game. If you’re familiar with classic arcade games (especially those which starred Ken Shimabukuro), you’ll know that most of them were arcade ports of classic Nintendo systems, remakes or port revisions of older games.

If you compare the Fist Of The North Star PC version against the arcade original, you’ll find that they’re very similar, and Tozawa definitely put a lot of his imagination into making the game as close to the arcade port as possible.


The mod edit allows you to play through Fist Of The North Star as you would the original story, but using the newest avatar “Himitsu”. This change gives the game much more replay value as you can basically start from scratch and see how the whole story turns out. The changes also allow you to play through the episodes normally, without changing any content except for the avatar you are using.

The mod apk doesn’t actually contain the unlockable chapters from the series, but the mod apks themselves are all included so you can play through the entire Fist Of The North Star series just like you would on your PC.

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