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Fire Strike Online is an online multiplayer, multi-player, and the on-screen game developed by the creators of Modern Ops and Bulletproof. In this game, a group of players is working together to eliminate their opponents strategically, in short, shortest possible times.

A group of five is participating in a league of five where each player is playing against opponents of similar skill levels, in the shortest possible time. However, winning will be a mission for each team. Each team is led by a captain who is controlling their respective faction.

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Fire Strike Online

Fire Strike Online has different game modes like Versus. This mode is a multiplayer battle where one team is fighting against all other players of the same faction. There is also another mode called Briefing wherein there is limited time for each side to make their moves and be attacking/defending themselves. Time limits are set for each round so that things can be done accordingly.

Friendly game modes

Fire Strike Online is available for both Windows Phone and Android. Fire Strike Online has been inspired by the popular arcade games likeroid, Frogger, and Centipede. The Fire Strike Online mod has been modified to include both left and right-hand friendly game modes with optional text messaging support and notification alerts when someone in your team gets hit or killed. Fire Strike Online is free and has a free trial period so you can get a feel of how the game works.

Free shooter FPS

Fire Strike Online is not just a free shooter FPS game but it is also a first-person shooter (FPS) mod. Fire Strike Online is an example of a mod that is designed by someone who is very familiar with first-person shooters.

The person that made this mod saw people playing first-person shooters and was inspired to create a game that had similar elements. With this mod, you can have your own personal copy of Hollywood blockbusters like Pacific Rim right on your phone.

Official Fire Strike Online

This free game is very similar to the official Fire Strike Online and will require you to log into your account to access the different game modes, scoreboards, and options. Fire Strike Online will use your existing Google accounts to log you in and use the same level editor that was used to create the mod.

You can also export and import game scores to help you build your profile and compete with other players. To play the mod, you must download the free android app and log in with your Google account.

Four players

Fire Strike Online is a game played between two teams of up to four players. Each player will take turns attacking and defending the objectives located around the map. The objective is to eliminate all enemy soldiers while remaining alive.

For the most part, the game mode will be set by the type of game you are playing. For example, if you’re into the tank battle, then the mode will be different from if you are into capture the flag mode.

Once you’ve started a fire strike online free shooter, you’ll be taken to the round table where you’ll see a screen indicating the type of game you are playing.

The free mod

The free mod for Fire Strike Online is being offered for a limited time period. Only a limited number of the available characters will be available at any given time. So if you want to play with the mod, make sure to grab the android version of the game while it is still available.

There is no guarantee that the mod will work on the iPhone or Blackberry because of differences in the code between the two phones. However, it should work on almost any android phone as long as you have Google AdSense available and it has not been downloaded to your phone’s internal memory.


The one thing that I really like about this free shooting game is that it offers a free 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like the way the game is set up or you find that it is bugged or whatever, you can get your money back within the period of the guarantee.

It does take just a few minutes to give them a ring and find out if there is a problem. Fire Strike Online is a fast-paced, enjoyable shooting game. I am looking forward to trying the different modes and playing the four different game modes.

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