Fire Balls 3D Apk (Mod Features Unlocked)

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Fire Balls 3D is the latest addition to a long list of popular arcade games that are now available for free on Android. If you love shooting games, then you will love this new version. Fire Balls 3D apk is a simple and fun game of reflexes and skill. Here’s how it works:

Tap the screen to start the game. Fire Balls 3D Mod Apk has some simple controls: to start, hold down the middle button & then shoot the bottom left corner of the screen. Fire Balls 3D apk features some cool effects and graphic designs.

If you want to speed up the game, hold down both the left & right bumper buttons simultaneously. And when you want to slow down the game, hold down only the left & right bumper buttons at the same time.

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Fire Balls 3D Apk

Fire Balls 3D Apk

Fire Balls 3D apk lets you play with two versions, Story Mode and Endless mode. In story mode, you are placed in a castle and you have to defend it against waves of zombies, ghosts, and other dangerous creatures. The castle will gradually get destroyed if you fail to protect it.

Endless mode is basically like the usual break-out game mode where you have to eliminate all the voodoo spells, pits, portals, and traps that the dragon uses to attack you. You can use unlimited diamonds to buy upgrades for your towers and also increase your health bar.

Fire Balls 3D mod apk is relatively small in size when installed on your phone. It requires minimum storage space and you can even delete cookies once you’re done with the game. Fire Balls 3D Mod Apk feature has a number of cool features such as custom-background, full-screen mode, slow motion, anti-aliasing, and shadowing.

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Make Fireballs

This game is compatible with all sorts of devices including smartphones, tablets, and many more. In short, it is very easy to operate the game. You don’t need any technical knowledge to play the game.

Fire Balls 3D mod apk is extremely fun and exciting. It is a new way to spend your free time. I like to make fireballs and launch them in every possible direction to destroy all the enemies. It’s a great source of entertainment and it will keep you busy for hours. If you are wondering where to download Fire Balls 3D, you can find it easily on the internet.

Fire Balls 3D apk can be used to play different kinds of voodoo games such as treasure hunt, shoot em ups, defense games, shooting, and many more. You can use unlimited diamonds to purchase towers, balloons, and other elements which you will use to fight the enemy. It’s fun, challenging, and lots of fun.

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Development Company

Fire Balls 3D has been developed by the development company ‘VRZ Mobile Entertainment’ and has millions of fans worldwide. The company is continuously working on making the games more exciting and better. Fire Balls 3D Mod Apk gives you the best gaming experience to enjoy while you are online.

This 3D animation on the google play marketplace is a great source of entertainment for people who love voodoo games or other online applications.


Fire Balls 3D will not let you down. This amazing game is a sure hit and will surely be downloaded by millions of users in the near future. You can also start playing this amazing and entertaining app on the website.

You can also purchase the Fire Balls 3D version of the game after you have downloaded it to your android device. You can also use the free trial version that can help you play without any charges. The unlimited diamonds offer can also be used in this version to enhance your gaming experience.

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