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The Final Frontier is a sci-fi role playing game. It is a science fiction video game based on the book/film “Final Frontier” by Larry Griswold. The Final Frontier is a community based massively multiplayer online role playing game that is similar to a social networking game (SMORPG) with the objective of exploration and survival through the bumps and grind of everyday life in the far future.

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Emblem system

In Final Frontier, the emphasis is on the story more than the mechanics of the game. The Final Frontier Mod uses an “emblem system” to show player statistics and rank them. Each time you login, your personal star voyage record is updated and can be viewed by other players even if you are not logged into the server.

This allows one to see the journey they have been on and compare it to others to find out what kind of a traveller they are.

The Protectors

The most important aspect of Final Frontier is the galaxy itself, called the Final Frontier. There are two sides to this frontier – the Protectors and the Defiants. The two races belong to different sides of the Milky Way Galaxy and are separated by numerous large gas clouds.

A player can choose to be part of either the Protectors or the Defiants, but can’t spend all their time on just one. There are three known galaxies, numbered A, B and C, and each has several classifications – the classes for players to choose from.

Available planets

These classes include the Antipsychotic Team, the Bulletproof, the Armored Plank and the Volunteer. Each class has four types of available planets for players to explore. The player must complete a continuing mission and then return to a specific planet in order to continue on with their exploration.

Once a player has explored all of the planets in the Final Frontier, they earn the privilege to call themselves a Star Trek Ambassador and take part in the ongoing mission to study the galaxy cluster abell s1063.

Constant themes

The story line in Final Frontier follows the constant themes of Star Trek. One of the main characters is a Federation Captain, whose first assignment as a science officer was to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations.

The Federation

The Federation is an exploratory nation and much of their missions involve sending crew to distant star systems, where they will survey the skies and report back to the Federation. They will also visit planets in the Final Frontier and send reports back to the central headquarters.

Story Mission

One of the things that made Final Frontier: Year One such a rewarding experience for me as a gamer was that, after completing the main story mission, I had the opportunity to play a one-year mission for two years.

Continue exploring

The two-year mission allowed me to continue exploring the Final Frontier, and also gave me a chance to gain more knowledge about the various cultures that comprised the Final Frontier.

I also had the chance to experience a completely different galaxy from that of my regular gaming sessions. I learned that there were five habitable planets and four of them were classified as being gas giant planets.

Vulcan Ambassador

A science officer in the Final Frontier: Year One mission called the “Vulcan” crew was assigned the task of escorting a Vulcan ambassador to negotiations and consultations with the Vulcans, the lead species in the Final Frontier.

Alien planets

This role played very well for me because it allowed me to travel to three alien planets in the Final Frontier. (Vulcan, Betas, and Tellarans). I also had the pleasure of playing the role of a Vulcan father, which was played by Frank Brooks.


I really enjoyed this Star Trek: The Original Series episode. There are many other good episodes that you can choose from, if you like. If you don’t like the one I’m referring to, it’s probably because you haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy any of the adventures that take place in these popular sci-fi television shows. The Final Frontier is definitely worth a look.

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