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Get out there and become a fashion expert using this amazing 3D dress-up shop reenactment using the most recent version of the fashion empire Mod Apk!

The game is intended for fashion-conscious players The game is designed for fashion-conscious players, and everything is equal. you can play with the in-app purchase option to get quality and premium cash. It also lets you play offline and on the internet. The game is frequently updated and packed with astonishing interaction.

The features in Fashion Empire

  • CHIC FASHIONS to market, mix and create your wealth
  • Decorate your stores with an array of beautiful styles
  • DESIGN an array of remarkable things that range from the wealthy to unrestful
  • Dress yourself up and you’ll be on the fashion the way you want to dress
  • MAKEOVERS using the latest makeup and beauty agents.
  • COLLECT unusual creators, top-of-the-line, and mark items
  • Furniture in the SHOP: tables, racks display cases, registers, and much more
  • Story mode, with fashion shows interesting characters, and the chance to make a mark
  • ADVENTURE to the top of the mountain with numerous missions spread across a myriad of urban zones
  • Win huge prizes and show off on the internet It’s Fashion Week every year!
  • Join a vibrant fashion-loving local area

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The Story and Gameplay

  1. You begin with San Francisco, a hopeful planner who has just opened your first store. You’ve always been inventive in your playtime, from sprucing up dolls in your childhood and playing endless games of fashion learning how to sketch out, and creating an amazing portfolio from the top of your game. Together with your teacher Eva you’ll begin by planning your first item which is a stunning pink dress that’s certain that you’ll attract customers from the beginning.
  2. Once you’ve completed your first deal You’ll have to expand the number of racks, registers, and changing locations – and keep in mind the design that draws the attention of customers.
  3. As your store expands you’ll learn more and more categories of clothing like heels, shoe bags, sacks, handbags jumpsuits, rompers, cosmetics and beauty accessories, and some.
  4. In the time it’s likely that you’ll be being the only worker at your shop – this could be a perfect chance to find the perfect team to join you on your journey. However, before you do so you’ll need to determine how to get them on board – and each one has their own personal story to share and a personality to match.
  5. San Francisco is only the beginning; in the next few years, you’ll be in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. In these cities, you’ll be able to meet celebrities and famous people who will appreciate your unique fashion and, according to your schedule, you’ll need the most current collection. In addition, who knows with certainty what fashionable events you’ll plan for?
  6. Your profile is starting to grow, and it’s the perfect opportunity to establish your place on the international stage in a global participant base. This is your chance to showcase your plans and wears that you have tested online-based contests, no matter if you’re looking for a VIP look or simple, from the official way to the runway of high fashion.

Ladies, the next oversized dress-up contest is on the way – this is an excellent opportunity to create your own jazzy tale.


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