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Fancy Blast is a highly addictive online arcade game in which the player controls dots by matching them with colors. Unlike most arcade games, this one has very realistic elements. It includes all the features of a modern mobile device game:

The game is set in a dark, twisted world. There are many different types of creatures prowling about. Some of them are armed and ready to attack, while others are looking for their next meal. There are also robotic creatures that are out to destroy everything, using only one swipe to do it.

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Fancy Blast Puzzle Apk

To play, all an individual player needs is a web browser and a flash player (supporting Windows XP, Vista, Seven and Mac). Using a flash player is recommended, as it enables players to view the game on a larger, higher resolution screen. Fancy Blast can be played in the web browser of a Windows PC or Mac, or on a separate, larger-screen iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Unlimited Points

Both versions offer unlimited gameplay, unlimited points (earned every time one score), and unlockable graphics for players’ computer monitors. With a newer computer system, the game can take up to 40% less memory than the version played on a standard mobile device.

Puzzle Effects

Other Fancy Blast Puzzle effects include changing the background periodically during play. The game is played in three dimensions, so it looks great when the player’s computer monitor is zoomed in. Shaking objects such as a door, billboard, or snowman can produce effects similar to those seen in real life. For example, a snowman melting in the sun will produce a white hazy image that looks like his eyes are glazed over.

Versions of Fancy Blast

There are two versions of Fancy Blast for iPhone, one which requires a downloaded file and one which works with an embedded code from a website. The embedded code runs on one’s iPhone through the air interface. One player can control a series of games by tapping different shapes onto one screen and moving their mouse over them.

Various Objects

A player can rotate various objects by tapping their mouse and dragging them. They can also flip objects by moving their fingers in a circular motion on the screen. These functions work well if one player controls one game and does not need to be actively involved in another.

Split-Screen Mode

Some people prefer playing Fancy Blast in split-screen mode. By tapping one player’s name while in a split-screen game, that person will become the “showcase character.” This allows them to be used as an extra in a game that would otherwise have only one character.

There are some cases where all characters are drawn in the same fashion; this is called “cartoon rendering.” Some other types of Fancy Blast flash games have only certain characters being drawn, thus making it more difficult to distinguish who is who.

The Game Play

The gameplay itself is relatively simple. Pieces of the puzzle are dropped onto a designated board, and these pieces spin around on the spinning wheels to form the picture. Sometimes there is a penalty if a piece hits the wrong piece. Points can also be earned by popping walls and knocking down targets.

The Graphic

The graphics and sounds are both fun to experience. They capture the essence of what makes a game enjoyable. The music is catchy and lively, fitting the theme of the game perfectly. As one plays through the game, they learn how to manipulate the various tools at their disposal, how to complete the mission, and ultimately how to conquer the enemy.

Solve The Puzzle

Online forums that focus on the Fancy Blast game offer a fun forum environment. Many people take turns telling their tales of trying to solve the puzzle, and they are very entertaining. Some of them are quite advanced, requiring quite a bit of backtracking to get to where they were going before.

However, if one simply follows the instructions and avoids picking up the pointers wrong, then it should be very easy to breeze through and finish the game with a minimum of fuss.

Different Rules

Many people have expressed frustration with the difficulty of some of the obstacles that are in the game. It seems that there are many different rules that one has to memorize and/or guess. One thing that many people seem to be able to do, though, is to memorize one’s way around the obstacles.

The Tricks

Once this is figured out, then one can move on and figure out the rest of the tricks that are necessary to win. Being able to get through one obstacle without falling is often the key to winning, but there may be others, depending on the style of the game and how well it was designed.


If one gets a chance, playing the game online can be a lot of fun. One doesn’t have to wait in line for a table or sit in a cubicle, which can get annoying in itself. One can instead have a computer screen that is right there in front of them, so they don’t even have to leave the seat they are sitting in to enjoy the game.

Some have reported actually playing the game while lying in bed, which can be kind of relaxing. Whatever the case, it seems that this game is one that anyone should have a chance to enjoy since it is so fun to play and provides entertainment in a number of ways.

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