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Family Hotel Renovation is also a modapk game which is a new trend these days. You as a family will be assigned to remodel a small hotel that seems quite old and requires massive interior designing work.
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October 1, 2022
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Family Hotel Renovation is also a mod apk game which is a new trend these days. You as a family will be assigned to remodel a small hotel that seems quite old and requires massive interior design work. There are various mod apk game providers available who offer different levels of Family Hotel Renovation, ranging from very simple to very intricate. You should always choose the one that best suits your family’s lifestyle.

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Basic Features

The basic features of Family Hotel Renovation are fairly the same, but with varying degrees of complexity. Some of the features that you will find in most Family Hotel Renovation games are the Family Hotel logo, the hotel map, guest list, task list, bathroom facilities, bedroom features, cooking options, and many more.

Mod Apk

Apart from these, you can also find the mod apk engine that allows you to play the game repeatedly. This way, you can always track your progress and see how far you have come. With an unlimited lives feature, you can try the different challenges once again.

Exciting Features

There are several exciting features of Family Hotel Renovation such as the “Love story match 3 game”. In this game, the players are assigned to different family members and the players will need to plan and work out strategies to win the love story match.

Various Levels

There are various levels where you will need to complete the tasks and other objectives to win the heart of your family. This is considered the best feature of Family Hotel Renovation. If you are a lover of romance, you will definitely love this game.

Unlimited Lives

The “unlimited lives” feature allows you to start the whole thing over without losing any lives. Unlike the free mod features, when you purchase the full version of Family Hotel Renovation, you will get the 6 additional characters that can be used throughout the entire life of the game. The unlimited lives feature allows the player to save and restore at any time without losing any lives.

Two Modes

Family Hotel Renovation has two modes; Story and Endless. In the Story Mode, you will help spread the word by getting customers to spread the word about the exciting side of the game. You will be assisted by the various customers and they will also help you in spreading the word to other customers. The Endless mode gives you the opportunity to continue playing the exciting side of the game for as long as you want.

Additional Characters

As mentioned above, the Family Hotel Renovation comes with 6 additional characters. However, the players will not be given the chance to develop relationships with these characters. They will, however, be able to earn unlimited lives and earn credits.


The players will also get the chance to buy power-ups and decorations. The Family Hotel Renovation features a balancing game for all the players. You will not be able to spend too much time on one side while you are required to move the other sides to win.

Love Story

In the Family Hotel Renovation, you will find two love story match 3 game mods available. These match 3 games are The Love Story Matchmaker, which allows you to have the chance to take part in a love story match with the character you like, and The Family Vacation Game, which allows you to spend your vacations enjoying the activities offered by the hotel.

The Family Hotel Renovation also allows you to change the theme of the room, which includes the wallpaper and pictures. There are also a number of interesting features such as free coupons and special offers.


The Family Hotel Renovation offers many features that you will enjoy using. It is well planned and it provides you with several options that will help you save money. You can even play with different people online and you will get the opportunity to share a fun family vacation with your loved ones.

You will not get bored with this renovation because it has so many things to offer you and your family. Take your family out to enjoy the fun and excitement offered by this resort.


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