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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff is an online flash game for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8. The game is similar to that of the popular TV show Family Guy, created by Peter HG Wells. The story is about a family, consisting of three children named Brian, Lois, and Chris, who are taken under the custody of the authorities after they steal from a rich uncle (the main character).

Family Guy The Quest

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff is very much like the TV show, where your task is to save the world with your heaps of accumulated items collected throughout the game.

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The difference, however, is that the graphics and audio effects are much better than Family Guy’s. Now, instead of using the Mac or PC computer installed within your iPhone or Android phone, you use the Amazon Kindle to play the game. This feature makes this game more affordable than Family Guy The Quest For Stuff.

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Different Stages

The main storyline of the game involves Stevie, who is played by Justin, as you navigate through the different stages of the game. The different stages include New Jersey, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York City, and Pennsylvania, each featuring different challenges and requiring different tactics and strategies to complete them.

There are also short sessions available that allow you to enjoy more of the story without having to continue where the main storyline ends. However, as per usual, you need to purchase the episodes through the Amazon Kindle app in order to unlock new characters included in the story.


With the new storylines, there are new characters included as well. In addition to Stewie, there is another boy named Brian who moves in with the boys.

The other two new members are voiced by Patrick Star, who voices Peter, and Eric Bauchman, who voices Meg. There are fifty-five episodes available in the collection, as compared to the forty-two episodes of Family Guy The Quest For Stuff released in 2014.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk

The New Characters

The new characters included in the game include Meg, Brian, Peter, Stewie, and a whole lot more. You can choose between different color schemes for the different characters, such as blue for Stewie, orange for Brian, green for Meg, and red for Jimmy.

There are also different outfits available for the new characters included in the game. The outfits include blue jeans for Stewie, green jean suits for Brian, yellow tops and jean bottoms for Peter, and pink boots for Meg. You can also select from different body types and head styles in this game.

Voice Acting

A lot has been said and sung about the excellent voice acting in the game Family Guy The Quest For Stuff. However, the only actor who received praises from everybody who played the game is Mr. Sean Berbergh. His voice-acted character, Brian, captures the essence of the game very well. The way he says things, the way he mumbles is just like his real-life counterpart.

Meg and Her Friends

There have been some changes in the game, but they are minor. There is no major change in the game like the introduction of Meg and her friends. There are also no new episodes this season to introduce.Download Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

There are only two mini-episodes, featuring Brian and Meg, which will be shown on television. It is unknown whether the producers want to introduce more characters in season eight. The only sure thing is that the game is going to continue to be popular for a long time to come.


This game is a lot of fun. It is based on a popular TV show that has already been aired, and so there are all kinds of elements that you can relate to from the TV show.

This game also features some of the same characters from the TV show. Family Guy is such a hilarious show that all the elements of the game are incorporated into it. It is very entertaining game, and it is one that is guaranteed to be a huge success.

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