Face Of War: PvP Shooter APK (MOD Features Unlimited ammo)

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Enjoy the thrill and excitement of a battle arena while you are playing your favorite games on the Android mobile devices. Face Of War: PvP Shooter is an award winning game from the development group named the Virtual Box Team. If you have been fond of shooting games, then you will love this challenging and action packed title. All you need is a touch screen mobile phone equipped with latest technology to enjoy this game on the go.

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Face Of War

Download the Face Of War: PvP Shooter apk file from the internet. After downloading, transfer the downloaded file into your mobile phone. Next, install the Face Of War: PvP Shooter android application on your device. Wait for the application to complete installation.

PvP Shooter

Visit the Face Of War: PvP Shooter official website to download the complete version of the game. The official website of this PC game displays a list of features along with the instructions on how to install the application on your mobile phone. There are also links for the official Facebook page and the Android app. The android app can be accessed from the Google play store. You may also check out its second version which has a limited number of levels.

Multiplayer mode

If you want to practice or improve your skills in the Face Of War: PvP Shooter, you can do so by playing the android emulators. Android emulators are designed to test the performance of your mobile device based on the real device settings. This will help you get a feel of what the game is like as you can adjust the settings to get the best performance. Once you feel satisfied with the performance, you can enjoy the high-powered combat experience in the thrilling multiplayer mode.

Start playing

To download war games, you need to visit the Face Of War: PvP Shooter site and sign up. If you already have a Facebook account, you may use the application to log in to the game. Otherwise, create an account or choose the necessary pages. You will be prompted to enter your desired game version, select a Facebook user name, select a password, and confirm. After successfully registering, you can immediately start playing the available free modes in the game.

Fantasy battles

Face Of War: PvP Shooter has a variety of exciting modes including the fantasy battles that pit you against otherworldly creatures. You can also choose between normal and challenge modes to determine your skill. You will also be able to select a specific weapon to battle using. You can also use items provided during each battle to boost your stats. If you feel that you have reached a new level in any battle, you will earn reward points which you can use to purchase items or powers for your character in the game.

Different weapons

The official Face Of War: PvP Shooter website has detailed information about the different weapons and equipment, the abilities provided by each character, and the rewards you earn for each round. If you are new to this particular game, the site provides a comprehensive list of instructions, tips, tricks, and information on how to play the app. On the other hand, if you feel like playing the game using the mobile version, the mobile app can help you along with the detailed walkthrough. When you download war games for android, you get a mobile-friendly version to play with your friends.


Face Of War: PvP Shooter is compatible with almost all types of android devices. When you install the application, you will be ready to blast through the battlefields on foot and on your mobile device. The application works perfectly on tablets and phones running Android OS 2.3 or higher. In addition to playing the actual game, you can also test your skills through a variety of challenges and missions set by the game’s developers. The free version of this freebies is available for two to five players.

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