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EverMerge is a game based on EverQuest. In this game, you play as a warrior-king who arrives on the scene after his homeland has fallen to the Lich King. As he arrives, he finds that most of his people have gone, and worse yet, the only land he finds is that of Frozen Throne.

This land seems like an inhospitable place for human beings, so you are tasked with the task of finding a way to bring about a new life to the land. However, what you find there may shock you.

EverMerge Apk

The EverMerge Mod enhances your EverQuest experience by providing in-game tools and features not available in the vanilla game. I will discuss EverMerge’s benefits with you. First, the EverMerge mod merges quests with their alternatives. With this, you can do unlimited quests regardless of whether you’re on faction or not.

Evermerge Features

Evermerge features three unique and engaging storylines. One of these involves the adventures of a merchant named Aegwynn, who lives in Everwood. He tries to earn enough coins to buy back from the dwarves his father worked for, and to pay off his debts.

Boadice and Eluned

He has two friends, Boadice and Eluned, who also work for him, but things do not go as planned and they both fall in love with the new shipment in the form of the mysterious magical world mod APROOMERK. A wizard by trade, the mysterious magical world mod has many powers that the merchant must harness and use in order to defeat his enemies and save the princess, Eluned.

Boadice and Eluned

The second storyline involves the adventures of Boadice and Eluned. Boadice falls in love with an elven woman named Eluned, but she is only interested in joining a caravan because she is desperately in need of honor points to purchase a new home. She is killed, however, and her soul enters EverMerge, which then takes over her body and becomes the main quest of the EverMerge mod.

Powerful Gemstone

In order to release Eluned, Boadice must undertake quests to obtain the powerful gemstone HELIX. On each path through the EverMerge storyline, there are several optional quests as well, allowing players to get extra experience and gold without having to start over if they aren’t fond of a particular character or quest.

Evermerge’s Story

Evermerge’s storyline is supported by nine different islands called Everwoods. You can choose to start in any of them, though Sorrow Mesa is the one with the most storylines and also has the highest level cap. There are eight class-based races among EverMerge’s characters, and nine different types of armor, weapons, accessories, and spells to be used.

Dragon Island

The latest version of this mod adds a new island called the Dragon Island, which provides more quests and is now able to be accessed by player members who have reached a certain level. The ability to play EverQuest on a variety of different maps and with varying game mechanics make EverQuest: Gold Rush one of the most popular free mods for any online role-playing game.


EverQuest: Gold Rush, the newest incarnation of EverQuest, has a few things that set it apart from its predecessors. One of these things is the integration of Facebook into EverQuest: Gold Rush, allowing you to log into your Facebook account to collect rewards and fight enemies.

Gold Rush

You will also find EverQuest: Gold Rush has a free trial version that allows you to see how the mod is before purchasing it. The trial version is available for free download at the official EverQuest website and can be downloaded and used for up to two months before you have to purchase the full version.

The Latest Version

The latest version of EverQuest: Gold Rush also includes many of the features that were introduced in the EverQuest: Masters of the Arena, such as unlimited game playing area and unlimited item and monster collecting. EverQuest: Gold Rush features an impressive number of items, including a brand new flying mount that allows you to travel across the map instantly.

EverQuest Games

There are also a number of flying creatures that can be utilized by character classes to fly through the map more quickly, making EverQuest: Gold Rush an excellent option if you want to get around the map quickly while leveling up or if you simply want more content.

The addition of a flying mount to the game is one of EverQuest: Gold Rush’s biggest additions, and while it doesn’t have all the features available in the Masters of the Arena, it still ranks among the best out of all of the EverQuest games.

New Faction

Included in the EverQuest: Gold Rush’s latest version is a brand new faction known as the Silver Hand who use powerful magical weapons to fight against evil and save the world. With the EverQuest: Gold Rush latest update, players will be able to choose from a wide range of different races, each with their own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses.


If you like role-playing, combat, or even both elements of it then EverQuest: Gold Rush is definitely the mod for you! If you haven’t played this game before, I highly recommend that you check it out and play some of the new areas and heroes while you’re playing as one of the classic characters from EverQuest: Baldur’s Gate as well as the entire class of characters introduced in EverQuest: Lord of the Rings Online.

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