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Escape Panda, a fresh new arcade game from the makers of EscapeVektor, is now available for your smartphone. Escape Panda is a side-scrolling arcade game in which the player takes control of an animal and traverses various stages using only its lungs and its claws to traverse obstacles and reach the goal.

The controls are simple, with the tap of a finger acting as the locomotive that carries the player through each stage. At each level, the goal is to eliminate all the animals without getting stuck and dousing themselves in the blood of other animals.

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Escape Panda

It may sound straightforward, but in Escape Panda Mod Apk, there are a lot of little twists. If you think you can just jump into the next level right away, you are wrong. First of all, you need to gain enough money to unlock the next stage. The more money you have collected, the more powerful you can become.

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However, that power isn’t without its own set of problems, as your animal’s speed and health will deteriorate the longer they are stuck in one spot. In this regard, the newest version of Escape Panda Mod Apk modifies the gameplay and brings in a whole bunch of new content:

Being a Panda

If you like the idea of being a Panda and having your way in the jungle, then Escape Panda is definitely for you. It’s not like other similar apps that revolve around a single character or even a single concept.

In Escape Panda, you get to play as a variety of different animals, each with its own unique attributes and capabilities, and each with its own set of objectives and storyline. The most popular characters so far are the lion, the bear, the leopard, the dolphin, the turtle, the gazelle, the opal, and the tiger.

Although most people are familiar with the panda, they don’t know much about the other animals. Each has its own specific set of characteristics, as well as an overall purpose. The main objective of the game is to escape from the Neverland ranch, where Panda has been locked up.

Exploring Each Section

You do this by exploring each section of the island, hunting down objects and animals, and ultimately reaching the gates of the facility. Unlike most similar apps, however, Escape Panda Mod Apk features a number of endings. That way, if you aren’t sure whether you should go for the simplest or the most complex route, you can always go for the path where the highest payout is awarded.

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In addition to the narrative elements, Escape Panda also offers a number of different challenges. You can try to escape by swimming your way to the gate, or you can attempt to get past the guards by disguised as a panda. There are also some obstacles you must complete in order to gain access to the pen where the panda is kept.

Hanging Clothe

These include hanging clothes, putting up a fake fence, running through a cage, and climbing a rope ladder. These activities are not very difficult, but they do require a fair amount of coordination and speed. Fortunately, the graphics and the sounds are top-notch, ensuring that these activities will keep you entertained while you play Escape Panda Mod Apk.

Aside from the narrative elements and the varying objectives, Escape Panda has a few neat features that allow it to stand out among similar apps. One of those includes the ability to turn the music off and listen to ambient sounds instead.

Another feature is the fact that you can purchase air horns to use during your escape. As you can see, Escape Panda makes it easy to create a fun and exciting mobile game that offers a lot of replay value.

Three Animal Shapes

The Escape Panda Robo-panda combo pack comes with three animal shapes (owl, Panda, and hedgehog). It also comes with four additional items to add more complexity to your character-building experience. This includes a fishing pole, a shovel, a sleeping bag, and a bear cub. These tools are essential for getting through the obstacles you will face during your escape.

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When you download panda mod apk, you can enjoy a smooth gameplay experience and an amazing interface. You should not have any issues playing this game on the latest version of android devices or on Apple devices with iOS 4 or higher.

This game is great for anyone who enjoys playing free games that offer a lot of variety and don’t take too long to load. If you like to escape into a wonderful world of imagination, Escape Panda Mod Apk may be the best thing for you.

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